Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sacred Hoop: Celebrating Sacred Peaks

Yesterday more than 200 people gathered in downtown Flagstaff at a beautiful and humble event to celebrate the recent ruling protecting the sacred San Francisco Peaks.
Prayers were made, traditional songs echoed off of the surrounding buildings, elders and youth carried the same urgent message of the need to heal the divisions and wounds in our community. People came from Tucson, Phoenix, Prescott, Havasupai, Durango, Colorado, and even San Francisco, California to participate.
Clayson shared an inspirational hoop dance explaining that separate hoops come together to make beautiful intricate patterns to become unified, just like our community can. At the finale of the celebration everyone was invited to participate in a Round Dance for unity.
It was stated that this is the first of many celebrations. There are many ways that we can celebrate the Peaks, our community and our environment everyday.
By taking action against racismagainst environmental destruction and cultural degradation, and taking action for healthy communities, we are celebrating and honoring life.

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