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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Mohawk Nation News

Note from MNN Mohawk Nation News: This has been a phenomenal year. We raised issues that Canada has been trying to keep buried for centuries. We took back our land, Kanenhstaton, and kept it. Nia:wen brothers, sisters, friends and allies. Together we may have reached a turning point. There was a lot of skulduggery by those agents of repression who wanted to use force. We managed to hold back an army who wanted to come in for the kill. The Ontario Provincial Police tried a few times and were repelled. ATF in a US Border Patrol vehicle was brought in to spy on us. All sorts of instigators were set up to provoke violence. KKK hate literature was deposited in the post office. Rioters made bon fires and distributed hot dogs and beer to try to establish mob rule in Caledonia. Throughout we defended our jurisdiction, our inherent right to self-determination, our equality as human beings, exposed outright land thefts and duplicity by colonial Canada. We never violated the rights of others. Many profitted from violating ours. We still have not been compensated for the theft of our land and the gratuitous attacks on our people. Could those who attacked the Metis, who gave us Wounded Knee, the Riel "Rebellion", the Kanehsatake/Oka Crisis, Ipperwash, Gustafsen Lake, now Six Nations and countless other violations of our human rights have finally begun to see the light? For the coming year we will continue to ask Canada to obey the laws. All in all, it's obvious that Canada has not faced up to the fact that it has used its institutional force to oppress us. Kahentinetha Horn - Read on for activities and comments one year later. Send yours to Six Nations % Hazel at

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