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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Buffalo in Yelowstone Alert: Call Congessman

BFC SPECIAL ALERT! * Spring into Action for Wild Buffalo!
Dear Buffalo Friends,Tomorrow, Tuesday, March 20, BFC's Josh Osher and Darrell Geist will present testimony to the House Subcommittee for National Parks, Forests and Public Lands at the Oversight Hearing on Yellowstone National Park Bison.BFC will demonstrate that the Interagency Bison Management Plan (IBMP) is failing the last population of wild bison in the U.S., the Yellowstone herd, which currently numbers fewer than 3,600 animals. The IBMP, signed in 2000, is a state-federal agency plan responsible for the harassment, capture, slaughter and quarantine of wild Yellowstone buffalo. Since the IBMP's inception, 1,912 Yellowstone bison have been killed by Yellowstone and Montana.
The hearing will begin at 10 AM (est) and can be viewed live by going to:
We have waited a very long time for an opportunity like this. Tomorrow's hearing marks an amazing chapter in the buffalo's story and they need your help to make it as powerful as possible.PLEASE TAKE ACTION! Call the House Parks Subcommittee & your House Representative on Tuesday!
1) If you live in the home district of one of the Subcommittee members please contact her/him on behalf of the last wild buffalo because it is especially critical that they hear from you! Urge them to do whatever it takes to stop the harassment and slaughter of the wild Yellowstone bison. Contact information for each member of the House subcommittee is listed below or here at this link:
2) Don't see your Representative listed? Use the following contact info to get your message to the subcommittee membership: Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests, and Public Lands, 1333 Longworth House Office Building, Phone: (202) 226-7736, Fax: (202) 226-2301
Email: (Entire Committee)
3) If your House representative is not on the Subcommittee, please contact them anyway and urge them to take a leadership role in protecting the Yellowstone bison, the United State's last continuously wild herd (use link below).
4) Please contact your Senators and urge them to hold a similar hearing in the Senate (use link below).
Urge the Subcommittee (and all of Congress) to provide clear direction to our National Forests and Parks that wild bison belong, and are our top priority on public lands and ask them to fund the purchase of wildlife conservation easements including winter range and corridors for bison to migrate through private lands in the Yellowstone area. BFC will be visiting with Congressional offices over the next two weeks and your calls will make a huge difference! To contact non-Subcommittee members as well as your Senators use this link (scroll down to the bottom of the page):
HOUSE SUBCOMMITTEE ON NATIONAL PARKS, FORESTS & PUBLIC LANDS:*Majority Membership:Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) [Chairman], 202-225-2435, E. Kildee (D-MI), 202-225-3611, Abercrombie (D-HI), 202-225-2726, M. Christensen (D-VI), 202-225-1790, Holt (D-NJ), 202-225-5801, Boren (D-OK), 202-225-2701, P. Sarbanes (D-MD), 202-225-4016, A. DeFazio (D-OR), 202-225-6416, N/AMaurice D. Hinchey (D-NY), 202-225-6335, Kind (D-WI), 202-225-5506, Capps (D-CA), 202-225-3601,
Jay Inslee (D-WA), 202-225-6311,
Mark Udall (D-CO), 202-225-2161, Herseth (D-SD), 202-225-2801, Shuler (D-NC), 202-225-6401,*Minority Membership:Rob Bishop (R-UT) [Ranking Member], 202-225-0453, J. Duncan, Jr. (R-TN), 202-225-5435, Cannon (R-UT), 202-225-7751, Tancredo (R-CO), 202-225-7882, Flake (R-AZ), 202-225-2635, Renzi (R-AZ), 202-225-2315, Pearce (R-NM), 202-225-2365, E. Brown, Jr. (R-SC), 202-225-3176, Gohmert (R-TX), 202-225-3035, Cole (R-OK), 202-225-6165, Heller (R-NV), 202-225-6155, Sali (R-ID), 202-225-6611, Lamborn (R-CO), 202-225-4422, INFORMATION:Also invited to testify are representatives from the National Park Service, Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer, the Humane Society of the United States, Montana Stockgrowers Association, Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service, National Parks Conservation Association, and Utah State University. An eclectic crew, to say the least. We will make BFC's testimony available to you as soon as possible.Read BFC's press release from Monday, March 19, 2007:
THANK YOU for taking action for the last wild buffalo! Your "endless pressure, endlessly applied" is paying off! Save the herd... spread the word!
P.O. Box 957
West Yellowstone, MT 59758
406-646-0070 (phone)
406-646-0071 (fax)

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