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Friday, June 29, 2007

Canada: Protests and blockades

Canada: National Day of Action, see breaking news on protests at Google:

Mohawk Nation News

9:00 am. Discussions with Shawn Brant to open up Number 2 to Marysville. Little Mouselini Fantino said he has a present for Shawn Brant that he wants to give him within the hour. The OPP closed the TransCanada Highway 401. The CN CP rail were closed by the rail companies. They put up the blockades. Are they turning Indian? At any rate, now we know how to close down the colonial operation. We just have to say we’re g0ing to do it and they do it themselves. Shawn Brant said, “We have been pre-empted by CN”.

Maybe the situation isn’t so funny after all.

A Kanehsatake Mohawk saw an armed Canadian Naval Frigate docked in Montreal port as of Wednesday, June 28th. What a coincidence!
Or what? Good thing they didn’t see him. They might have shot him like Champlain shot the first Mohawks he saw.

Highway 30 that surrounds Montreal on the south shore was blocked this morning by Mohawks of Kahnawake at 6:30 am. for about half an hour. Now one lane is open. It goes from St. Constant to Chateauguay . The government sanctioned squatters are squirming because they have vivid and distressing memories about their inconvenience caused by the blockade of the Mercier Bridge during the Mohawk Oka Crisis of 1990. They all smiled at us and were so grateful and relieved when they got waved through.

At 12:00 noon today there will be a march from Kahnawake, over the Mercier Bridge to the Seaway span, flags will be hoisted and then the marchers will return to the south end of the bridge.

MCK band council of Kahnwake is holding a press conference at the Services Complex. They have to make sure they’re in on the action. it’s funny how the people have the initiative and the colonial politicians take the credit, as ever.

Report from Ottawa : Some toilets have been blocked and plumbers are working overtime at Parliament Hill. Is this a sign that someone’s constipation has ended and they finally had a bowel movement? We will all flush at 3:00 pm. in their honor to encourage Canadian politicians to get rid of their shit.

As far as we can see, they don’t appear anywhere in sight. There is a run on Diapers, Port-a-potties, Rolaids and Pepto-Bismol on Parliament Hill. What could they possibly be worried about?

The BBC in London called to get the lowdown on what’s happening in the colonies.

MNN has received calls from journalists at various times in the past. We provided leads for their stories on the Mohawks and Indigenous issues. Sometimes they publish. Sometimes they don’t. We have been advised of an occasion when a Canadian journalist was fired under circumstances that make it appear that his investigation into this kind of information was at issue. Do you still believe in freedom of the press among the colonial cultures on Turtle Island .

At the International bridge in Akwesasne [which is located in colonial Ontario , Quebec and New York State ] there were many Mohawks with tires which the OPP came by and took away. We just hope they aren’t going to come back and take the tires off our cars.

A letter from a supporter to Ottawa : “It is an absolute crime the way your government treats the Aboriginal people. This is to let you know that your white Nazi approach to solving problems is despicable! The world is being made aware of your neglect of the aboriginal people”.

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