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Monday, June 18, 2007

Mohawks: Indigenous Sage Red-X

Mohawk Nation News
June 18, 2007.

When Red-X mounted his silver eagle to return to the West where the sun never sleeps, he stopped in the mountains for a moment and gave a sageous message to a Mohawk known as “Bro’Hawk”. After he dismounted, he gave this message from the “Third Dimension”.The Red-X stroked his chin under his black beaded hood once again. He pulled his glasses down just enough to see his eye lashes, but not his pupils. He said simply, “Do what your mind tells you has to be done”, referring to the day of protest on June 29th or July 1st ,or July 4th, or whatever.Red-X continued his sageosity and said, “In this world there are only two things we can do as a people. We can either rebel as warriors in righteous war against colonialism on our homelands, or we can repent as a conditioned colonized assimilated good Indian”.Bro’Hawk asked the Red-X what he himself would do on such a day. Red-X answered, “I will implicitly confer with the timetable of the prophecies and will consult the ‘kasastensera kowa sa oiera’, [the Great Natural Power] of the third Dimension and talk with those who have walked before and joined the war council of our ancestors”. He stopped for a moment, looked upward, and continued, “Maybe at some point the skies will part and send us a message on the same day to those whom do not know”.The Bro’Hawk was paralyzed with awe and mystified beyond control.The Red-X says to those who want to know who he is. “I am the one they are looking for. I am the one that is qualified to know who those are who are looking to find me in this age”.Once again the Red-X says, “Stay tuned as the real fireworks are about to commence”.
Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News
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