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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Torture on trial in Tucson federal court this morning

Two priests are facing prison to expose torture training at Fort Huachuca in southern Arizona, torture worldwide and oppose nuclear weapons. The priests' inspiration comes from the suicide of Flagstaff soldier Alyssa Peterson, who committed suicide after being in the prison "cages" in northern Iraq as an interrogator. Peterson, 27, who wanted to serve mankind, was trained at Fort Huachuca. After participating in two interrogations, she asked to be reassigned. She killed herself in Tel Afar, Iraq, Sept. 15, 2003. This was before the U.S. torture of prisoners at Abu Ghraib was exposed. In Tucson, Col. Ann Wright, anti-war activist, joined the priests Sunday night in support. Photos Brenda Norrell.

At the federal courthouse this morning, Wednesday morning, Jesuit Fr. Steve Kelly and Franciscan Fr. Louis Vitale are in court at a pretrial hearing, facing prison to expose the torture training at Fort Huachuca in Arizona and torture worldwide, including Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib. Both have already been to prison for social action. They are opposed to the war in Iraq, torture and torture training at Fort Huachuca and the School of the Americas in Fort Benning, Ga.
Photo top: Speaking out against torture, people came from across the nation, some who had served time in prison for protesting torture training at the School of Americas. 2 --Fr. Louis Vitale speaks this morning at the federal courthouse, surrounding by supporters, before proceeding to the pretrial hearing. Photos from Tuesday night's gathering for Torture on Trial. 3--Fr. Steve Kelly, who has already been in solitary confinement as a political prisoner ; 4--Col. Ann Wright with Fr. Louis Vitale; 5--Wright with Filipino torture survivor

Photos Brenda Norrell
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