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MOHAWKS: Ready for rail blockade on June 29



Mohawk Nation News
June 12, 2007

Ottawa is asking Phil Fontaine, the Walkie-Talkie Wizard of the AFN [Assembly of First Nations] to order us to stop expressing ourselves on June 29th and go back into our hole. The Red-X asked, “Is [Prime Minister] Steve Harper responsible for wiping every Canadian’s butt? Is George Bush at fault for every American’s stupidity?” Phil’s not our leader. He’s theirs. We don’t pay him. They do. This double talk is so annoying.The Red-X arrived on his silver eagle from the west where the sun never sleeps, to look over our vast great expanse of Indigenous territory, now scarred and polluted by centuries of cruel occupation. MNN was so lucky to catch him for this short interview. Here are a few of his words of wisdom.Red-X said, “What’s this ota [crap] about appointing “neutral” mediators on land claims? If they’re appointed by the feds, they ain’t neutral”. The feds don’t want to negotiate fairly, that’s the bottom line. When it comes right down to it, the Red-X said, “If it looks like ota, and it stinks like ota, then it sure as hell is ota!” Neutral needs three things: one. BOTH sides gotta do the pickin’! Two. It’s gotta be someone who was never a colonizer! And three. It’s gotta be someone who ain’t tapped into Canada’s stolen loot”! The Red-X knows all the international law that Canada is trying to forget.After thinking about the situation, The Red-X stood there stroking his chin covered by a black beaded hood. He looked at us through his dark sunglasses and offered some sage words. First, he said, “Know who’s who! We have a lot of posers around. Smell them out! Specially if they claim to be Indian and don’t have mothers”.“We all know who’s Indian and who ain’t! Watch for those with morals and stay away from those who ain’t got none!” Red-X warned. “If there’s a rat tail sticking out the back, it’s a rat!” He also said, “Watch for someone wearing dirty overalls and shiny black shoes trying to sell you toxic waste disguised as biodegradable cleaners, synthetic snake oil and the like. Grab him and lock him in the bathroom until the warriors get there. They’re here to muffle us and take the strength out of our movement. They are trying to break the code of our highly developed non-verbal communication strategies”.“We should all be doing what we’re supposed to do”, Red-X pointed out, “in the best interests of our people and apply the “Ten commandments of the Red-X”. [link below] Watch for strangers showing up on our territories sayin’, “We gonna save ya, you red niggas! They here to divide and conquer”. They got colonial certification to do this. They’re called bureaucrats, lawyers, social workers, developers and negotiators.Why is it when one Indian steps out of line, the colonists say they’re going to blame every single one of us. We don’t mind being blamed for stressing non-violence and being truthful. It’s the colonists who lie, steal and promote violence. Just threatening and setting conditions to resolve the colonists’ claims to our land is an act of violence.Who do you think invented guns and brought them here, heh? The Chinese had fireworks. That wasn’t good enough for the Europeans. They wanted to make sure someone died or got hurt. We don’t want to harm anyone when we block a road or railroad. The business men might get mad, but the public doesn’t mind. Many even join us.The real violence is police coming in, waving batons, hitting and arresting us for expressing our freedom of speech.They want us to do something that doesn’t attract attention, like going to Indian Affairs and talking our heads off to one of their flunkies. As soon as we leave, the bureaucrats file our complaints in the garbage can. That’s what they’ve always done. That’s why we don’t want to continue doing something that doesn’t work.Look at Mohawk Shawn Brant of Tyendinaga! After a 30-hour rail blockade, the whole world knows about our plight. It affected the white mans dollars. The public supported us even though they were inconvenienced.Remember, it’s not for the money. We want Canada to butt out. It’s high time they recognized our right to control our land. We’re doing it for our children and the future generations.We asked Red-X about Ottawa’s offer to put aside $250 million a year for their claim to our land. He blew his stack! ‘What’s a load of crap!”, he said. “That’s less than what those scumbags skimmed off the taxpayers in the ‘sponsorship scandal’”. It barely covers needed repairs for bridges in Kahnawake and Akwesasne. They can print more cash any ol’ time they want!” Red-X said, “Anyone who agrees to a cash settlement is getting hoodwinked. They gotta get off our land. Then they gotta clean up their mess. We want their toxins removed. We want our land to be strong, green and healthy”.We want to show our ancestors that we will continue to honor them for what they went through so we could survive. We will stand strong to regain our freedom. We will assert our jurisdiction on all our land. Not just the reserves that foreigners “set aside” so they rape and pillage the rest of our territory. It’s our country, our territory. Not “Crown” land! They never brought any land with them when they crossed the ocean. They only brought the dirt on their bodies.We’re always willing to discuss issues according to the Great Law. They came here with death, destruction, greed and an “Apocolypta” of their own invention. Our peaceful method is disrupting everything all over the world.Red-X directed some words of wisdom to Phil Fontaine, “Remember, Phil, when they’re done with you, they’ll throw you away like a used condom that nobody will dare to pick up”. That’s what the Red-X knows about those who work against our people.Before he left for the West, MNN asked, “Oh, wonderful Red-X, what do all us Indigenous people really want?” Red-X stroked his chin beneath his black beaded hood, “Hell”! he said, “We all want the white man to take his dirty fingers out of our butts”. He continued, “We don’t want our butts wiped by any phony arbitrator. If they reffuse to negotiate fairly and they want an arbitrator, the only way it could be fair and neutral is to let us do the pickin’”.Finally, Red-X said, “There are much more serious things we have to look at now in the terrible times ahead. U.S. Presdient George Bush, all of his neocons and the current massive build up of nuclear war ships in the Persian Gulf are the beginning of the prophecy of Dekanawida. He said that the red serpent and the white serpent would battle at sea. The oceans would boil, the trees would burn from the top down and the fish would float on their bellies”.Stay tuned for more from the Red-X.Link: Ten Infinite Commandments of the Incomparable "Red X" MNN Books Available Now!Mohawk Warriors Three - The Trial of Lasagna, Noriega, 20/20$20.00 usdWhere Eagles Dare to Soar - Indians, Politics & Aids$20.00 usdThe Agonizing Death of "Colonialism" and "Federal Indian Law"Kaianere'ko:wa/Great Law Territory$20.00 usdWho's Sorry Now? 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im white and i dont have anything against you. dont generalize us please. i lived with a native once and worked with several and they are great guys. dont be racist

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