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Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Border justice, protest at federal building in Tucson

National Day of Action, Tucson federal building, Tuesday, August 28 2007/Photos by Brenda Norrell
By Brenda Norrell
TUCSON -- The "National Day of Action to Stop Anti-Immigrant Repression and Migrant Deaths at the U.S. - Mexico Border," called for justice, during a protest at the federal building today, Tuesday, Aug. 28.
Isabel Garcia, cochair of Coalicion Derechos Humanos, said that the United States would one day be held responsible for its crimes against humanity.
Those gathered remembered migrants who have died in custody while being denied their medications and U.S. citizens physically abused during false arrests.
Speakers made an urgent call for socially just legalization, justice for Elvira & Saul Arrellano, and a halt to deaths at the US/Mexico border. Further, they called for an end to all raids and a moratorium on all immigration detentions and deportations.
Human rights activists urged the U.S. to restore and expand the due process rights of all immigrants and protect and expand the labor, human and civil rights of all immigrants and refugees
The action was cosponsored by Derechos Humanos, National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, May 1st Coalition, Borderlands Theater, Fundación México, Tucson Samaritans, Salt of the Earth Labor College, Humane Borders, No More Deaths, Tucson Jobs with Justice, AFSC, Wingspan, Tierra y Libertad and Citizens for Border Solutions.

Arizona Recovered Body Count Reaches 199 as the Department of Homeland Security Announces Plans to Increase and Expand Deadly Border Strategy
By Coalicion de Derechos Humanos
Arizona — The number of bodies recovered on the Arizona-Sonora border has reached 199 by the end of July 2007 according to data compiled by the Coalición de Derechos Humanos, a Tucson-based human rights group that works to raise awareness about the deadly effects of border militarization. Fifty-two bodies were recovered in the month of July alone, ensuring that last year’s total of 205 will surely be passed within the month of August. Read more:

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