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Monday, August 27, 2007

Algonquin Pow-wow: Resisting uranium mining in Canada

Photo Kevin Wight/Algonquin Rice Celebration 2004

Mohawk Nation News has taken a strong sovereignist position in support of the Sharbot Lake issue. We think that Canada must adhere to their request for a nation-to-nation relationship according to Algonquin, Canadian and international law.

The Algonquins are having a pow wow at Ardoch Lake on September 1st. See the poster below for information. We ecnourage all our brothers, sisters, friends and allies, native and non-native, to come and stand by and support the Algonquins in our fight against Frontenac Ventures. They want to open a uranium mine on our unsurrendered land. MREL who were making weapons and testing them on Algonquin land have now left for parts unknown, probably to turn up somewhere under another name. Read more:
Map and General Information on Contacts: Chief Paula Sherman; Chief DoreenDavis; JohnDavis; RandyCota

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