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Monday, August 27, 2007

Readers respond: Migrant prisons in Texas, Wackenhut and abuse

Raymondville, Texas, migrant tent city prison:

Your list of infamous immigrant prisons being run for profit probably isn't complete without the "Tent City" in Raymondville, Texas. It's a series of temporary structures that was assembled in 90 days.
You can see the whole range of prisons for profit in Texas at
Some are contract prisons for ICE, others are holding state prisoners from other states, some are holding youth. There's a lot of populations that can be confined for profit. Keep writing about it!

(Vigils at Hutto and Raymondville. Photos by Jay J. Johnson-Castro, Sr.)

Websites exposing Wackenhut abuses:
Enjoyed your post on Wackenhut and border patrols interesting. Have you seen and Those two sites have info on Wackenhut's many problems and rights abuses in the U.S. and abroad(Texas Prison Bid'ness)
Bush donors get kickbacks with contracts and favoritism
Bush Pioneers 2004
The list: GEO (who won multiple contracts to imprison migrants in Texas and Louisiana in 2007) and others who donated $100,000 to the Bush 2004 campaign.
The list includes lobbyist Jack Abramoff, officials from Wal-Mart, Verizon and the Christian Coalition, along with U.S. senators and a member of the Federal Reserve:
Original article:
"Privatizing misery, deporting and imprisoning migrants for profit"

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