Thursday, August 9, 2007

Michelle Cook: 'I refuse to be your canary'

Living in the days of prophecies, Navajo Michelle Cook remembers the words of a Hopi spiritual leader on the United Nations Indigenous Peoples Day

I Refuse to be your Canary
International Indigenous Day

By Michelle Cook, Navajo student at the University of Arizona

Hopi elders Thomas Banyacya said, “Nature, the first people, and the spirit of our ancestors are giving you loud warnings. You see increasing floods, more damaging hurricanes, hailstorms, climate changes, and the earthquakes- as our prophesies said would come…If we human do not wake up to the warnings, the Great Purification will come and destroy this world as the previous worlds were destroyed…It is up to all of us, as children of Mother Earth, to clean up this mess before it is too late”.

I think today we should remember the importance of our voice and remember the messages that indigenous peoples have given the United Nations and world. We must recall and celebrate the hard work of those who have gone into international arenas to defend and testify; driven by the love for their people and home.
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