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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Russell Means: Breaking the silence on Obama

Russell Means: American Indians are the Palestinians in the US

Russell Means: Breaking the silence on Obama

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

American Indian activist Russell Means said President-elect Obama was selected by the colonial powers as president to improve the US image globally in the aftermath of George Bush. Further, Means said Obama’s appointments show that he is a Zionist controlled by Israel. Speaking on Red Town Radio today, Means said what is happening now to Palestinians is what happened to American Indians.
“Every policy the Palestinians are now enduring was practiced on the American Indian,” Means said on the Blog Talk Radio show, hosted by Brenda Golden, Muskoke Creek. “What the American Indian Movement says is that the American Indians are the Palestinians of the United States, and the Palestinians are the American Indians of the Middle East,” Means said. Further, he points out that the Zionists who control Israel now control the United States. “The power of the US in world politics diminishes every day.”
“Now they have found a house servant by the name of Obama.” Means said Obama was selected as a “man in charge to take the heat,” because of the “bad cop” image that Bush put forth in the world. “Now, all of a sudden, it is, ‘We’re so great. We elected a black man to be president.’”
Means added that Obama is a black man who was raised by his white grandmother and has appointed Zionists to key positions and that the US is headed for a new era of menial jobs. On Indian lands, Means reminds us, the only people who get ahead are those who sell out to the colonial system. Now, there is massive and sophisticated propaganda by the Zionists and the U.S. Both countries, he said, are liars. In the US, American Indians have been shut out of history, philosophy and the arts, in a “total blackout.” The United States does not want to be reminded of the smallpox blankets, theft, colonialism and mistreatment of the American Indian, he said.
Means said most Americans do not realize that the financial collapse of this country is only beginning: “Americans cannot continue the lifestyles of consumers when there is no production. Low income jobs and menial jobs are the only ones left.” “Health care in the US reveals how the policies used in experimentations on American Indians became US policies. The US health care system is now stringent and calloused, with constant refusals of treatment. This has always been the case with the Indian Health Service. Now it is the policy of the HMOs. Family ranchers and family farmers are now in the way of progress, the same way the American Indian was once viewed. Now, family farmers and family ranchers are being gutted, because they function on massive credit. They are trying to pay back debts, which is not possible with manipulated agriculture prices. The family farmer and family rancher are now going to be extinct.”
Means points out that the federal government has also taken over and polluted the educational system; “Americans don’t even know their own history. Along with this federal control, came the passage of English-only laws in many states. However, for Indigenous Peoples it is positive to know many languages. If you speak two languages, you are speaking with two brains. That is the way it is to us. That’s how we look at life. In the mid-Twentieth Century, US schools listened to the communities and local governing boards.”
“However, now the US educational policy has taken away local control and mandated federal guidelines. So now education has become a matter of money. Meanwhile, the real history is silenced. While the United States attempts to portray itself as a peace loving nation, the fact is the United States is at war every year. The United States breaks a host of international laws every year, which has been the pattern since 1946. American Indians were aware of what the US was doing, because the US had already broken all treaties with American Indians; treaties guaranteed by the US Constitution,” he said.
About the American revolution to throw off the British, Means pointed out how “his-story” has been manipulated; “There is a great deal of propaganda about why the US broke away from England. But the fact is that George Washington, the largest landowner, along with the slave owners, broke with England so that the original treaties of England with American Indians in the west would not have to be honored. The US broke with England, to invade the west and take the land. ”
The US was created to break international laws,” Means said, adding that it is obvious today that this is the pattern of the U.S. Means said the United States was initiated as an outlaw and renegade nation and that “today, its imperial policies mean that Israel is a surrogate of the US, receiving aid from the U.S. With the combined US and international aid, Israeli receives $12 billion a year for its “military and the settlers in the West Bank.”
Means said 80 percent of the people in the West Bank are paid to stay there. “It is America who pays them to stay there. But even in Israel, where there is a free press and not everyone agrees with Israel waging war on Palestine. He said 20 to 30 percent of the people in Israel are against the war on Palestine. Like the United States, Israel has been at war every year of its existence.”
Means often refers to Israel as the 51st state, of warmongers and imperialists. “America and Israel are based on lies, resulting in the massive deaths in Iraq. Now, the US and Israel are focused on Iran because its oil reserves.” Means said Indian lands have become “open air concentration camps.” “If you chose to stay on the reservation, you are guaranteed to be poor, unless you are part of the colonial apparatus set up by the Bureau of Indian Affairs,” he said.
“On Indian lands, everyone fights to be part of the tribal governments because that is where the money is. Everyone fights to be part of the colonial system. The only way you can be part of the colonial system is to obey. Those returning home to Indian lands cannot ‘rock the boat,’ demand their treaty rights or their rights guaranteed by the US Constitution.”
Means said the American Indian Movement made people aware that the US Constitution was based upon that of the Iroquois Six Nations. “However, the US Constitution only includes one-third of the Great Law of Peace. If all of the Great Law of Peace had been adopted, this country would be much different and much wealthier.” However, it was turned into a country of consumers. He said what you get with a country of consumers is greed. “What is going on in Palestine is going on in America. The United States is taking away the homes of the people.” Now in the United States, there is “communism from the left” and “right-wing socialism.” He said the problem with socialism is that it is bereft of consensus and spirituality.
Means, now 70, said he has experienced the US when it reached its zenith in the world in the 1950s, “At that time, America was a productive country. In the years that followed, the ruling elite sold out the unions, as the labor movement was razor thin close to taking over politics in America. The most watershed event was Brown vs. Board of Education, the US Supreme Court ruling which desegregated schools. The white male started losing his power. Then, in the social revolution that followed, white males lost control of their women and their women’s vote, and lost control of the work place, Means said.
While civil rights was the chosen remedy of most social movements, American Indians remained dedicated to ‘sovereign rights,’ individual sovereign rights. We are the only ones that held on to the sovereign concept, he said. The other social movements were saying, “Please Mr. White Male let me be equal to you.”
Means said things will be different now, “Our grandmother the Mother Earth is tired of the human race. She is going to eliminate it and I champion her, Mother earth.” Means said matriarchy is what Indigenous people are all about. “We know that women are the givers of life and men are the takers of life. We have to follow the woman in order to gain balance.” He said in a matriarchal society, there is a balanced society, as each celebrates their strengths together. “True individual freedom has to be done by consensus, otherwise it is mob rule.” In the US, now there are fake elections. “The people are convinced they are actually electing a president. However, it is the Electoral College that actually selects the US president.”
The charade is now coming to a close, as the ‘Patriot Act’ means that Posse Comitatus is dead and buried. Means said everyone has the responsibility to be free. “You are free to be responsible. That is the essence of freedom.” He said everyone should know their rights. Otherwise, they are guaranteed slavery.
“Einstein said, ‘The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome,’” “That’s America, that’s the Indian reservation. That’s pathetic and an injustice to human beings.” He said “human brains are doped up with all this ignorance and greed.”

Red Town Radio show host Brenda Golden, enrolled Muscogee (Creek) Nation of Oklahoma, grew up in Clearview, Oklahoma. Golden attended Sequoyah Indian School in Tahlequah before joining the Air Force. Later, she received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business administration from the University of Oklahoma. She has worked in Indian Country as an educator, tribal liaison, grant writer, board member and volunteer since the early 1990's.
Golden said she is hosting Red Town Radio, on Blog Talk Radio, to offer a platform for Indigenous issues.
Listen to more of the show, including David Hill, who called in, and pointed out that while the US cut school funds and school lunches, the US increased aid to Israel.
Russell Means' column 'Welcome to the Rez'
More on Obama's appointees at Lakotah Republic
U.S. seeks to ship hundreds of tons of arms to Israel
By Reuters
The United States is seeking to hire a merchant ship to deliver hundreds of tons of arms to Israel from Greece later this month, tender documents seen by Reuters show. The U.S. Navy's Military Sealift Command said the ship was to carry 325 standard 20-foot containers of what is listed as "ammunition" on two separate journeys from the Greek port of Astakos to the Israeli port of Ashdod in mid-to-late January. "Shipping 3,000-odd tons of ammunition in one go is a lot," one broker said, on condition of anonymity. Israel is one of America's closest allies and both nations regularly sell arms to each other. In September, the U.S. Congress approved the sale of 1,000 bunker-buster missiles to Israel. The GPS-guided GBU-39 is said to be one of the most accurate bombs in the world. (Click link above for article)

U.S. Rejected Aid for Israeli Raid on Iranian Nuclear Site
New York Times

Published: January 10, 2009
WASHINGTON — President Bush deflected a secret request by Israel last year for specialized bunker-busting bombs it wanted for an attack on Iran’s main nuclear complex and told the Israelis that he had authorized new covert action intended to sabotage Iran’s suspected effort to develop nuclear weapons, according to senior American and foreign officials.
(Clink link above for article)


Amy B said...

Thanks Russell, I knew what you said to be true, but was unaware of many of the details.

Thank you for standing with the Palestinians, they are a brutally oppressed and occupied people.

I'm doing what I can to help and to prevent more money and arms from going to Israel, but it's not enough unless a majority of Americans do so. And we won't get that majority with our media being owned by Zionists.

Ajijaak said...

So important to read, thank you Brenda for posting this.

Neyom Friday said...

I had so much fun reading this article. Its Truth.

Anonymous said...

Whether or not we agree or disagree the importance of making our voices heard on a National Level continue to make the world aware of the injustices we as Turtle island's inherent speaker's and owner's of her well being. The United States Government is fraudulent. The United States Constitution does not apply the codes or rule of law to Sovereign Nations, the principles are not applied. Not one treaty has been honored to the Indigenous of Turtle Island. What happens will enlighten a world profoundly ignorant of the injustices that Governments have subjected we as human beings to and they continue to deny their roles in the continued oppression and genocide.
In my many years of life I have not met one Native American born inhuman and without great heart and passion for life as well as great compassion for all creatures gracious of the wonderment of the natural world. l believe INDIAN PEOPLE ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE ON EARTH....IT'S AT OUR CORE. From the first day conquistadors set foot on our Island we have harbored them and protected them. The ills of diseases that inflict us today such as substance abuse/violence/sexual abuse/childhood diseases/diabetes/suicide/and on and on are a result of historical trauma. Chemicals/Deviant Cultural Behaviors unnatural to our existence prior invasion and our inability to conceive or evolve to handle them physically/emotionally/mentally and spiritually continue to cycle spun by poverty/ostracism/discrimination. Governments do not want the world to know the they used sacred entities like the Catholic Papal Bull/Constitutions to legally commit crimes against mankind/murder/germ warfare/torture/ on a people/children pure in heart to fulfill their greed and invoke manifest destiny. Much like Hitler a divine right to subject human beings to concentration camps or bury them dismembered in mass graves in Canada at Mission children born from children fathered by priest thrown in graves.
A generation apart Native People lived to be way over one hundred years old today many die before their forty five. It's called awakening the sleeping giant!

Julienne Xene Laverdure Cross
Turtle mountain Plains Pembina Ojibwe

Anonymous said...

From Frere Loup:
Thank you for the heads-up Brenda. Mr. Means has been telling it straight for a very long time. I think he may have been at Alcatraz with John Trudell and others when they took over the Island. I would sincerely like to see him interviewed as Malcolm X was so many years ago on "Meet The Press". I've actually seen that interview (first as a kid and later as an adult) and those fat white guys treated him like an alien from Jupiter (Insulated White Privilege has been the "baseline of sanity" since the 50's). Mr. Means or Mr. Peltier for that matter would set their artificial hair on fire. The reporters would be speechless after the first response. Different planets.
(White) Male Supremacy; Gender slavery; Human slavery; Constant war; & Feral Oligarchy are the fault lines of White America and have been from Day 1. Those 5 are also the five fingers of the Fist of Genocide. They also comprise the core social model of the five Aryan groups: Brahmin; Persian; Greek; Latin; and Celt since we erupted out of Central Asia 3,500 years ago (something about Mongols kicking our collective ass out of Dodge). In passing, the last four groups have written the history of the Global North in blood and human entrails. I say this to point out that our social pattern was established long before the flat-earth fixed creation genocidal blood god from the ME was “taken” by my people as their tribal totem. He was heroin to an endorphin receptor. As a bonus, we got to be “the new Chosen Tribe”. Curiously, we took that deity from another tribe of genocidal pastoralist killer nomads, e.g. tribal groups, round mobile homes, flocks and herds, ponies/camels/burros for transport, gender slaves, human slaves, trade goods and weapons, and of course, Feral Elites, just like us. When we meet new people and they are militarily weak we take everything. If they are strong we break out the trade goods and probe for weakness. It’s our Nature, like the Pirate Code of Captain Jack Sparrow, “Take all you can, give nothing back.” It might be useful to think of our sojourn in the Western Hemisphere as a Galapagos Island for the inbreeding of the most psychotic Celt and Latin Aryans from Europe. My America.
In the mid-60's, as a direct result of the Roosevelt Legacy of Taxation and post war prosperity (fueled by the MIC), White People had the greatest distribution of wealth ever seen in 6000 years. I was there. The END of poverty was in sight for EVERYONE. LIFETIME stable employment would have been the norm for the last decade. As nearly impossible as it is to imagine today, it is the truth. We could have done them both and had a world where economic and social justice for all people isn't a mangled corpse rotting on the side of the road next to Constitutional government. We could have had it all but we would have had to give up our core identity as a people. Ooopss. That's what America would have lost if they made a place for everyone at the table, rejected war as our way of life, and eliminated Oligarchy as a social class (by ’64 they were nearly dead as a social class). We wouldn't do it in the mid-60's. We wouldn't do it in the mid-80's. We won’t do it today. Instead we locked America down and restored the Oligarchy.
I have no idea how many decades you have lived so if I'm telling stuff you already know, I ask your indulgence. RMN was overwhelmingly elected by a hysterical white population to, "…put the fucking niggers, those fucking cunts, and those filthy long haired anti-war protesters in their place." That's a quote. I heard that shit coming out of white America's mouth from NY to LA. I was 16-17 when the cities burned. I was 18 when MLK called the US the greatest purveyor of violence on the planet. I was 19 in the killing year '68, and then White America went to the polls. I have never been the same. While I didn't know it at the time, their hysterical response derived from identity panic. Without white male supremacy and gender slavery, they didn't know who they (males or females) were and without Master, they didn't know who the Boss was – and in a world without a "Boss with a whip" they were a lost people. Authoritarian Patriarchy carried to its final toxic outcome: Feral Bestiality. They didn't like feeling lost. Much much easier to let themselves be degraded and turn that discomfort into KILLING RAGE vented on scapegoats. And they did. Nixon called Hoover who then pulled Clyde Tolson's dick out of his ass, took programs he'd been perfecting since 1924 when as Anslinger's Protégé in the Palmer Raids he was appointed head of the Bureau of Investigation at Treasury (Before transfer to Justice). The programs Hoover used were incredibly effective and go back to the Romans: Ritual Defamation; False Imprisonment; & Extrajudicial Execution. Not surprising.
I completely agree with Mr. Means on the treaty of 1763 forbidding the conquest of the continent but I would add something. Yes, almost all of them were kiddie raping slaver holders and their bankers/insurance agents from NY to CT. They didn't want a King, they didn't want to be a "Crown Colony" - they wanted this place for themselves and they used the pre-Pompey Roman Slave Republic cum Empire ruled by patrician slave holding clans as their Model. The "Muck", the "Proles" had only the most limited interest for them e.g. to keep them in their place. Hell, one of “our heroes” was raping a 14yo black girl in between verses of the Declaration. Psychotic fuckers. What can I say. Anyway, I 'spect you know a fair bit and even the names of the ones we butchered to make America safe for Exclusion: Fred Hampton, Mark Clark, George Jackson, all the Panthers and the ones who went underground or escaped into Exile. Within a decade of Nixon’s election, there were NO leaders and NO mass movements for economic or social justice – just in time for Raygun/Kissinger to throw a wrench into the Iranian Hostage negotiations (as Nixon/Kissinger did in '68 with the Paris Peace Talks) and so don the Purple – "Morning in America". Every Defamation, every False Imprisonment, every 3am bedroom Execution – White America cheered and ate the MSM accounts without Ketchup – and the worst ones they just didn't talk about. Like always. Like Mr. Trudell says, "First you lied to me, then you lied to yourselves about lying to me."
And here we are. Mumia still in jail but alive when they wanted him oh, so, DEAD. Geronimo freed after 20 years. Leonard still caged and living his Sun Dance. BUT the Empire is collapsing from its own debased corruption and the paranoia/greed of the Masters. No changes that could save them or us will be allowed and so their fate is sealed. We now have the same slave plantation model as the one created by the original kiddie rapers: Masters; Overseers; Serfs. No home equity anymore. No retirements anymore. No SSI/Medicare. No middle class at all. Then we’ll have the "Work or Starve" Programs complete with installed RDIF chips. All of this taking place in a flat-earth, fixed creation marginally literate authoritarian population that is armed to the teeth and totally paranoid of their fellow Americans. Feral Bestiality. Yes, they will skin and eat each other – all so they wouldn't have to give up (white) male supremacy, gender slavery, constant war, and Oligarchy.
Luckily, my melanin deficient cousins ARE becoming a numeric minority here by late 2030 or early 2040. Oooopppss. Blame it all on female suffrage, divorce settlements, alimony, child support, the pill, and abortion on demand (long since eliminated in 85% of all US counties). Side note: When women, aka gender slaves, are allowed even a measure of economic and biological self-determination, population drops like a stone – to sustainable levels. We are now past the "tipping point" as a population group. If the rest of the species can contain us for the next 50 or so years, we will pose no threat to anyone having long since turned our Metros into rubble (see photogs of Jenin, Hebron, Fallujah, Gaza et al) in our various internecine wars. Something about Federal Arsenals falling into the hands of the States after the Feds collapse (See 2009 Headline: (The $$ Is Dead”). The rest of the world, for their safety, will quarantine us and watch SC nuke Boston and be glad it wasn't Iran. Our refusal to give up our War Criminals to the ICC will prevent any "foreign aid" reaching these shores. Population die back. Hunger. Disease. Bullets. Just like we killed the First People, just like the Israeli’s, the ones from whom we “borrowed” our blood god, are doing to the Palestinians – except we do this to ourselves as an act of self-immolation. While other humans have copied us in various ways, none has ever equaled us in Feral Bestiality.
If the species survives us they will make us into a "pasty-skinned boogie men with terrible claws that will come and take away bad little boys and girls and make you their slave." A bit of truth in every myth. People will one day forget the stark horror of our 500 year global rule as they create a different "organic" social structure that makes a place for everyone at the table, rejects war as the force to give our lives meaning, and rejects unaccountable killer elites as madmen. If they survive us.
As White America rushes headlong back to our pre-literate 12th Century roots, I am reminded of Krakatoa in the 6th Century C.E. It produced a nuclear winter and while it brought down governments across the globe from hunger, starvation, et al. That nuclear winter also brought down Rome, once and for all. Ohh. Bad thing. Dark Ages. Yes it was. It took my ancestors 1000 years to rediscover concrete. There’s a reason for that, called Xrstians. After Constantine elevated them to the State religion and they took on all the trappings of the Imperium, the first thing they did was EMPTY the 1000 libraries of the Roman Empire of 1500 years of history, philosophy, science, mathematics, literature, and medicine – because it was PAGAN. They BURNED them and all the copies they could find for the next 300 years. So when the bottom fell out, there was no bottom. And that’s the good news. We have disbursed the knowledge of history, philosophy, science, mathematics, literature, and medicine to the far corners of the globe – and this time the Xrstians didn’t get to burn it all. Kant has not only met Spinoza and Tielhard de Chardin in our time, he has met Lao Tsu and Rolling Thunder.
THERE IS NO SURVIVAL PROBLEM THAT WE FACE AS A SPECIES that we cannot “fix”, “heal”, and “restore”. From mycelium to plasma gasification, to rock wool, to the simplest Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen formulations, called by the Sci-Fi writer Frederick Poole as CHON. We can live on this planet as a cornucopia of abundance for EVERYONE and possibly even become a space faring species. One problem: We cannot live here with the White American pirate model of living. While we are the nail that drives home the message, we are only the messenger sent to teach a vital lesson in slow motion so it would be remembered for a long time:
Male Supremacy; Gender Slavery; Human Slavery; Constant War & Conquest as the force that gives our lives meaning; & Patriarchal Elites = Pre-Human Feral Bestiality.
Instead: Make a place for everyone at the table; Practice Empathy and Fair Play at all levels; Build communities where autonomous self-directed humans can ACT in community with people they know and trust with their lives.
Have you ever experienced the raw unmitigated power, grace, light that a single human has when all the parts of who they are, ALIGN, all internal conflicts are negotiated with Empathy, resolved and integrated with Fair Play, and that human then acts as an integrated Full Spectrum Human? It is a wonder to behold. NOW imagine a community of people who interact with each other in the same way – a community in which the genetic power of male and female, and the “parts” of who we are, ALL, have their place at our Round Table of Life. I believe some First People call this the Medicine Wheel. Oh yes, Medicine.
Oh yeah, and for dessert, Absolute Truth and Rabid Dualism go into the dustbin as well. Time for the flat-earth, fixed creation Xrstian blood god to die. You can keep the Rabbi but only if you include ALL 45 Gospels and get rid of Patriarchy. You know, an Asian Woman with 4 children sits on the Throne of St. Peter and speaks “Ex Cathedra” (don’t bitch, you’ve had Popes with 4 children and more). After that we go to work on the Russian Orthodox boys. Yeah, I know, that’s deal breaker. Sorry. Don’t say you didn’t have a chance to save yourself – shithead.
Ever Your Humble Servant,
Frere Loup

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