Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cornelia Vandenberg, Native Photos

Special thanks to Cornelia Vandenberg for sharing her photos with Censored News. The top photo is Fern Mathias and Floyd Westerman, both now in the Spirit World; John Trudell and 'Save Puvungna.'
Cornelia said, "Puvungna was what is now Long Beach. They desecrated it to build a parking lot, cutting Indian skeletons in half as they ran their diggers over the grounds, and this is the university! I don't trust any of them. Puvungna is the last remnant of the sacred land of the Indians that lived on the bit of land that is now Los Angeles.
"Floyd and Fern are at a conference at California State University in Fullerton. It was an anti-mascot conference. Charlene Teters also presented."
Photos Cornelia Vandenberg

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Anonymous said...

Yes i was there at the picture of fern i use to work for her in the early days of A.I.M. in riverside county, california. I think of her often,and miss her kind but guiding words. see in the dark wolf clan mohawk nation,six nations of the HAUDENOSAUNEE.