Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tohono O'odham in poverty ask, 'Where are the casino millions going?'

Tohono O'odham living in the most desperate poverty ask: 'Where are the casino millions going?'

Tohono O'odham youths, pushed to the breaking point by the US military and Tohono O'odham police, too often have to choose between jail, hunger and leaving their homeland

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Every week, Tohono O'odham friends call and say they have no money, no money for food, no money to heat their homes at night and no money for their elderly parents.
Every week, Tohono O'odham friends ask where are the millions going from the Tohono O'odham casinos. The crowds overflow at the Tohono O'odham's Desert Diamond Casino on the edge of Tucson, while the Tohono O'odham people continue to live in the most desperate poverty. It only takes a drive across Tohono O'odham land to see what is happening and what is not happening, in regards to poverty.
Now, a new $550 million casino is in the plans:
Where are the millions going? The Tohono O'odham Legislative Council has long been able to oppress its people with the heavy arm of Homeland Security, the National Guard and Tohono O'odham police.
Now, the militarization is worse. Tohono O'odham are stopped constantly without provocation and threatened and intimidated by US military, Border Patrol, federal agents and Tohono O'odham police.
Tohono O'odham youths, pushed to the breaking point by the US militarization and police, too often have to choose between jail, hunger and leaving their homeland.
The Tohono O'odham Council does not allow outside reporters into its chambers for council sessions. In northern Arizona, the Navajo Nation Council welcomes press and even provides copies of resolutions. That does not happen in the Tohono O'odham Council chambers. Outside reporters are told to leave. The best that reporters can hope for when asking questions is to have their lives threatened for asking questions.
With no accountability, the Tohono O'odham people say this crime against humanity continues.


Anonymous said...

In my opinion the monies are wasted on employee/council traveling to different states for senseless conferences. Trips by airplane when they have tribal vehicles to drive, 2 start hotel is just as good as a 5 star. Your there for the people not for your own enjoyment! Council get passes to various functions/entertainment at the casinos when they could be given away as incentatives to the kids, teens or adults.....don't be greedy!

Azzam said...

In my opinion a waste of money also.

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Anonymous said...

I just ran across this and everything that anonymous said is true! Legislative council takes senseless 'conference' trips with no intention of implementing the knowledge for the Nation. Catering, contential breakfasts, oversized furniture and vehicles legislative admin doesn't need. Not only that many departments spend tribal dollars on furniture, and have to have items that they don't need while the more needier dept's. that have nothing struggle to keep their dept's. together with duct tape. Dept's the people do need are always over crowded with little staff working. Why isn't Vocational Rehabilitation a big sucess? We have so many disabled O'odham that could benefit from this program. Do the employees go out and publicise the opportunity? TOCC trade program, i'm sure there are openings there for school and job placement. Why isn't anyone recruiting. Make it mandatory anyone capable of working applying for DES services find a job within so many months. The ones who are on DES and working are constantly harrassed about looking for a job, i know because I was one of them. I only applied because I was out of work for two months, I never recieved help and struggled with my children until i was able to go back to work and support myself. Yet there are 15-17 year olds with three babys applying for DES services who get approved almost on the spot. What does that tell our kids that it's okey to quit school, join a gang, have a boyfriend at a young age and get pregnant and not ever have to work because DES will take care of us? Education is a joke, the recreation is a joke, the kids there aren't supervised. No police patrol is done, i've seen 7 yr olds fighting on the playground and no one stopping them. The Nation needs to get a grip on their people, thats where the money needs to go to.

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That's horrible, the things people will put other through just for money.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I am working for a group home for Tohono O'odham children. I love the children I am working with. I want to open my own group home to help these children remember who they are. I am not sure where to start