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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mohawk Nation News: Hoof Ladies Chasing Indigenous Youth


Mohawk Nation News
Published with permission

Jan. 10, 2008. There is an old Haudenosaunee story about the “Hoof Lady." She appears to our youth in various guises to stop them from doing wrong. She also appears in order to test them. For example, when our young people are hiding in the bush drinking alcohol, an ugly apparition appears. When they notice her hoofs and her scary gestures, they are terrified and run away. She could also entice them to do bad things by appearing in other human forms, both male and female. They could be blond, redhead or brunette to lure our youth! This “shape shifter” is usually an outside unfamiliar person who could show up at times when our minds are weak and vulnerable and we don’t notice her hoofs. The “come-on” might be visual beauty or “other attractions." The decoy could lead them to do something unnatural because they think no one is watching. In the end the Hoof Lady can grab control of them. Eventually some of them have been induced to go against their people.
There is no mystery about where some of these Hoof Ladies come from. Read article:

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Anonymous said...

The Turtle Mountain Plains Pembina Band have the same Tribal Stories. We call the apparition the Roogaroo. A book is written about it, my grandmother spoke often of this. many have seen this in many forms.

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