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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Great moments on the Longest Walk

Where are you now my friends. Longest Walk northern route photos: Yukio in Lake Tahoe; Ruben Aguirre, Tongva Indian Nation, Calif., with Long Walker Marie, Lenny Foster and Kenny Frost at International Indian Treaty human rights forum in Illinois on Longest Walk; Edmund, Sharon, Willow and Michael at the Vigil for Leonard Peliter in Lewisburg, Penn., on the Longest Walk; Long Walkers northern route at the Pennsylvania Capitol in Harrisburg, Penn. Watch video from this day at:
Double click on photos to enlarge. Photos by Brenda Norrell

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Anonymous said...

Hello my Longest Walk Family. I miss all of you. This is Arlene from Nevada. Me and the kids, Kolton and Keishia are doing really good. Email us and say hello sometime. My email address is: and my phone number is (775) 688-9810. (just put Longest Walk in the subject area of your email)o.k. I don't have alot of pictures from the walk so I check the website often and check for new pictures and look at all the old ones. Can't believe its been almost 7 months since I last saw most of you. Well, since the walk things have been going ok. The Nevada people from the Northern Route have been keeping in touch: me, the kids, Carl, Danny, Weldon, Toby, Teri & kids. All I can say for now is I MISS ALL OF YOU and can't wait to see you again. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about all of you and the things we did on the walk: walking, praying, laughing, and even some of the not so good stuff but all of those things happened for a reason and no matter what..we will forever be connected because of our beliefs and the walk we went on together.You are always in our prayers. Love, Arlene & kids.

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