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Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Minne Two Shoes: Dancing now in the Spirit World

Minnie Two Shoes 1950--2010
By Rob Capriccioso
True Slant
Another sad passing for Indian country. Minnie Two Shoes, a leader with the Native American Journalists Association, passed away yesterday after battling cancer. On top of Wilma Mankiller’s death last week, it’s another big loss.

Cucapa Indians Devasted by Quake in Mexico

By Miriam Raftery
Photo by Joel Garcia/Indybay
April 9, 2010 (San Diego’s East County) – A relief effort is being mounted here to bring emergency aid to the Cucapa Indian nation, just ten miles from the epicenter of the 7.2 earthquake that devastated their homeland between Mexicali and San Felipe.
March through May is the fishing season for these indigenous people, who rely on fishing to sustain them throughout the year. But the Easter earthquake severely damaged roads that the Cucapa use to fish on the Colorado Delta, forcing them to end their season early, East County Magazine has learned. Tribal members have lost their livelihoods as well as their homes, roads, electricity and water.
“The lives of the Cucapa Nation have been shattered with the loss of their homes, roads, electricity and awter,” said Maggie Rivera, vice president of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC). “The economic state of Mexicali mirrors that of Haiti to where local economy relies on tourism. This devastating crisis is something many leaders believe reflects the desperate need of financial hardship in this region of the world.”
The Mexican community in Illinois has joined with the Center for Social Advocacy in El Cajon, California to bring immediate emergency relief to the Cucapa people. Estela de los Rios, executive director of the Center, called it a tragedy that governments in Mexico and the U.S. have failed to respond to the needs of the Cucapa. “Once again the oppression of the indigenous people of the land has been magnified by the lack of concern and response. Please help us support their needs.”
Donated items will be taken to Mexico on April 20th with the assistance of volunteers in San Diego.
San Diego County residents are asked to bring donations of nonperishable foods including canned fruits and vegetables, tuna, sups, beans, rice, bean and pastas as well as water, cooking oils, baby formula, toiletries, tents, flashlights, diapers, lighters, anti-bacterial cleaners, band aids, anti-diarrheal medications, Tylenol (children’s and adult), new blankets, soap and shampoo, and toilet paper.
Donations may be dropped off before April 20th at the Center for Social Advocacy, 277 East Lexington, Suite A, in El Cajon 92020 Mondays through Fridays between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.
Illinois also has several locations for residents to drop off donated goods in Chicago, Champaign, Waukegan, and Carpentersville. Contact Maggie Rivera of LULAC at (815)814-6669 for details.

Ihanktonwan Oyate: Decolonization Gathering

April 13 -- 15, 2010
For more information 605-487-7769
Join the Yankton Sioux, and the sounds of Elk Soldier, for the Decolonization Gathering, with special guest speakers Philip Lane, Jr., Chris Matonumpa, Mary Louise Defender Wilson, Simon Sedillo and more, with songs by the Braveheart Youths and Native Hip Hop Activist Chris Ross and Carlos Cariago. April 13--15, 2010 in Marty, South Dakota.
Listen to Elk Soldier Drum Group, recorded on location on the Longest Walk by Earthcycles, during the hog farm protest on sovereign land: (file: drummutualaidcall)

Mohawk Nation News: Cats Leaving the Cradle

Cats Leaving the Cradle
Mohawk Nation News

MNN. Apr. 9, 2010. When the English defeated the French to steal Great Turtle Island, the Catholic Church started the “revenge of the cradle”. Priests ordered the French women to have 10 or more children to eventually outnumber the English and take over. It worked for a while. Now the white race is dying out.

Whites think they need a large uneducated slave class on whose back they can build their economy and country. There’s been a backlash.

The white race has over 250 defective genes and disorders and the most infertile men and women. In two world wars they killed off tens of millions of their people.

In the 1960s whites were 12.5% of the world population. Today they are 7.2%. By 2030 they will be 5%.

In 1974 former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger called for a worldwide depopulation program. He never thought his race would be aborting themselves out of existence.

By 2050 the white race will be a minority on Great Turtle Island.
The white population growth in the US is 7% a year; Blacks are 15% of the population; and Hispanics, as Indigenous are called, are increasing by 194% a year. 20% are elders and will live in third world living conditions due to the depletion of the economy and tax base.

The Planned Parenthood and Eugenics Society complain that those least fit to carry on their race are increasing more rapidly. To maintain their civilization, they recommend not helping those who should never have been born.

In Europe the self-exterminating whites live for luxury like the Americans. For example, for every 9 live births there are 10 deaths in Britain. In Germany it’s 5. They are thinking of bringing back 10 million Germans from the US.

By the end of the 21st Century there will be no white people on Great Turtle Island and possibly none in the world.

So long, visitors. Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

Whites will become like an aging dinosaur in the distant past. Many of this endangered species are already living in gated communities.

In 1897 US explorer Robert E. Peary lured 6 Greenland Inuit to the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Four died. One returned home. One, Minik’s father, was secretly skinned, studied and put in a display case. In 1993 he was finally returned home and given an Inuit burial. Unlike the white race, we prefer live exhibits!

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