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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Save the Peaks: Phoenix July 15, 16 & 20, 2010

Phoenix Events -- July 15, 16 and  20
By Save the Peaks

The court date for oral arguments to Save the Peaks has been rescheduled AGAIN!
The case has been moved from July 16th to July 20th apparently due to a scheduling conflict the judge had.
While this is another unforeseen challenge we do not view this as a set back. This time we are PROCEEDING with support events planned for July 15th & 16th in Phoenix, AZ. Please come if you can make it.
Details and a full schedule of events are posted here:

We urge you to join us on the new court date of Tuesday, July 20th at 1:00PM for the oral arguments.
See below for a list of events and locations.
Flagstaff Events July 16 & 29
Recently the US Department of Agriculture has pushed for Snowbowl to use ground water instead of treated wastewater for snowmaking.
On July 2, 2010 the USDA granted Snowbowl ski resort permission for development including a choice to use either direct sourced treated sewer water for snowmaking or "recovered-reclaimed" (also known as drinking water) water from a Flagstaff City water line. Howard Shanker, representing the Save the Peaks Coalition and additional plaintiffs, filed for a temporary restraining order to block Arizona Snowbowl from moving forward with any ground disturbing activities on the mountain..
Join us on July 29th at 5PM at the Flagstaff City Council Chambers!
On July 29th the Flagstaff City Water Commission will be holding a public hearing to determine whether or not they will approve a contract to sell ground water to Arizona Snowbowl instead of treated sewage effluent.
We are asking you to join us in contacting Flagstaff City Council members and Flagstaff Water Commission members and urge them NOT to approve a new contract to sell Flagstaff's precious drinking water for (but not limited to) the following reasons:
Water is Life! Water is scarce in Northern Arizona.
Water for Flagstaff! Flagstaff's water is needed for its citizens not a private business located outside of Flagstaff's City limits.
Respect Indigenous Peoples ways of life! Indigenous Nations are opposed to snowmaking with groundwater. The Hopi Tribe has historically and consistently been opposed to snowmaking with any kind of water.
The Snowbowl controversy has divided the Flagstaff community. City officials have the opportunity to choose to do the right thing and begin to heal the wounds that they are in part responsible for.
The USDA is offering federal money to the tune of $11 million to help pay for this water. That comes out of our pockets. Don't let them subsidize racism and disrespect.
Water is scarce in Northern Arizona and it should not be treated as a resource for recreation
For Flagstaff City Council contact information, please see below event list. Please contact them immediately and show your dismay for the idea to use our precious drinking water to prop up a ski area in a desert.
If you would like to volunteer, donate food, funding, or would like further information please contact:
Updates will be available on

Event and Location List:
Taking Action for Healthy Communities
Free dinner and discussion - 6:30PM - 9:30PM
At Serena Juste (Padilla) Residence
Onk Akimel O'odham Nation (Salt River)
9312 E. Thomas Rd. Scottsdale, AZ 85256
Camping available
Please RSVP at

Sunrise Prayer Gathering for Protection of Sacred Places
At Serena Juste (Padilla) Residence
Onk Akimel O'odham Nation (Salt River)
9312 E. Thomas Rd. Scottsdale, AZ 85256

NOON - Rally to Protect the Peaks
Wesley Bolin Memorial Park
1700 West Washington St.
Phoenix, AZ 85007

In front of City Hall
Humphries andd RT. 66
2PM - 4PM

11:00AM - 2:00PM - Rally & Vigil
(Rally to continue outside for those who do not wish to enter courthouse)
Sandra Day O'Connor U.S. Courthouse
401 W. Washington St.
Phoenix, AZ 85003-2118
1:00PM - Courtroom Oral Arguments
Public is welcome! Bring picture ID (to enter court)
2:25PM - News Briefing with Lawyer Howard Shanker

4:00PM - Rally at Flagstaff City Hall Lawn
5:00PM - Flagstaff City Water Commission Public Hearing
More information:

Flagstaff City Council & Water Commission Info: All council members:; Mayor Sara Presler:; Vice Mayor Celia:; Art Babbott:a; Karla Brewster:; Coral Evans: ; Scott Overton: ;Al White:
To make an appointment with the Mayor or a Councilmember call (928) 779-7600
WATER COMMISSION: The Water Commission consists of nine Council-appointed citizens and a non-voting representative from the Planning and Zoning Commission. The commission meets to review extensions of the water and sewer collection systems, treatment and use of water furnished by the City, treatment and disposal of the City’s sewage system effluent, stormwater management, and water/sewer rates.
Randy Pellatz, Utilities Director,, 779-7646, X7618
Malcolm Alter, Stormwater Mgr.,, 774-5281, X7388
More information:

VIDEO: outtayourbackpack | June 02, 2008
March to Ninth Circuit Court Rehearing of Navajo Nation et. al. v. US Forest Service and Arizona Snow Bowl in Pasadena, CA. Save the holy San Francisco Peaks of Northern Arizona and other endangered sacred sites!

LISTEN: Flagstaff Mayor Sara Presler said she would have never supported the sewage water plan for San Francisco Peaks if she had known the truth.
Recorded by Earthcycles at the Havasupai Gathering to Halt Uranium Mining in the Grand Canyon 2009.

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