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Sunday, February 27, 2011

New at Censored News: The Border, Walkers, Wikileaks and Agent Orange

Censored News
Photo: Long Walk 3 northern route by Christina Akaquiqui

O'odham and other Border Patrol protesters continued protesting the militarization and occupation of Indian lands, as they went to court this week for the lockdown at Border Patrol headquarters.
The Long Walk 3 northern route continued trekking through snow this week in the Oregon mountains. After two flat tires on Friday, a donation of tires for the Navajo support vehicle helped them back on the road. Umatilla Indian Nation provided a warm welcome. Their base camp today, Sunday, Feb. 27, 2011, will be Walla Walla, Wash., then Lapwai, Idaho.
Quechan Preston Arrow-weed, grandfather of Mucaw Jefferson who passed to the Spirit World after Long Walk 2, honored the Southern Route as they arrived in Quechan Territory. They are leaving Gila Bend, Arizona, and headed in the direction of Tucson, today, Sunday, Feb. 27.
Agent Orange spraying targeted Indian lands in the US and Canada before and after the Vietnam War.
Wikileaks cable releases in Peru once again revealed how the US Embassy targeted Indigenous activists in South America, and promoted copper and iron ore mining. During decades of struggle, Indigenous activists in Peru have fought hard against the mining companies and many have been assassinated. Wikileaks cables reveal how the US Ambassadors in Peru identified and targeted Indigenous activists throughout South America. The US Ambassadors organized in Peru -- with Canada, Britain, Switzerland and South Africa -- to promote and protect mining.
Censored News welcomes new articles by Kahentinetha Horn at Mohawk Nation News and Subcomandante Marcos on Mexico's drug war.
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