Tuesday, May 10, 2011

CENSORED: Native American Women Slice Hoopla Over Bin Laden Assassination

By Brenda Norrell

Native American women editors are countering the mainstream media and its politicized media frenzy over the targeted assassination of Osama Bin Laden and the shooting of unarmed women.

Kahentinetha Horn, editor and publisher of Mohawk Nation News wrote two articles critical of President Obama and the US military. The articles are “Obama Restores Old Roman Coliseum Bloodbaths,” and “First Bin Laden, Then Who? Group Think.”

“Obama whet the public’s appetite for blood by organizing street celebrations and to promote vicious spectator sports, akin to snuff films," wrote Mohawk Nation News.

"This is reminiscent to the Roman Coliseum blood spectacles where people were forced to watch their men kill each other to get them used to how cheap their lives were.”

Vi Waln, Sicangu Lakota from Rosebud, S.D. and editor of Lakota Country Times, also criticized the reaction in the United States.”

“There was major hoopla across this country surrounding the death of Osama bin Laden. America sure is proud to show her bloodthirsty colors. I was appalled to see people cheering in public at the death of a human being. In my opinion, it shows they are no better than those human beings who rejoice in foreign countries at the death of American people.”

“I fail to see the joy in the violent death of any human being, even if society has judged him as an evil killer,” Waln wrote.

The mainstream media was quick to publish the reactions of Native Americans to the racist misuse of the name of Geronimo in the US military’s assault on Bin Laden. This was safe and easy reporting for writers and editors which involved taking no risks.

The mainstream media has been reluctant to point out other crucial facts. This was a targeted assassination which included the shooting of unarmed women.

Why Bin Laden now?

According to Wikileaks, the United States has known the whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden since at least 2005. When this fact became public by way of Wikileaks, the US quickly acted to carry out the assassination of Bin Laden and others present.

Following these assassinations of unarmed men and women, the mainstream media and others then began glorifying and promoting the US torture carried out at Guantanamo. This US torture violates the Geneva Conventions and the presidents and vice presidents of the United States are yet to be held accountable.

When did Osama Bin Laden stop working as a CIA operative? In the beginning, the US funded Bin Laden's operations and provided him with weapons. When did Bin Laden stop carrying out the missions of the United States?

Native American women writers have made it clear to the United States: The shooting of women, the carrying out of targeted assassinations and the glorification of torture are not the actions of a democracy. These are the actions of terrorists.

On the US/Mexico border, Uya, O'odham, responded to the sheep-like trance of Americans, induced by the media spin and cheerleading of the assassinations and the ongoing wars.

"Indigenous peoples, remember that Bin Laden stood up against the United States Corporate machine to defend his ancestral homelands and way of life. He is a traditional person much like our ancestors that took up arms to defend our people and homelands.

"Did they find weapons of mass destruction? No. Did the United States start an oil war? Yes. Americanized indigenous don't believe the United States propaganda. Does America feel secure now, then remove the militarized Border wall and armed United States forces from off my homelands.

"Prayers and Blessings to Osama bin Laden's extended family and homelands."


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