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Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Friday, May 13, 2011

Wixakari (Huichole) Vancouver BC May 16, 2011

A FORUM on the Declaration of Mother Earth’s Rights and Indigenous People Rights

May 16, 2011, Native Education College 285 east 5th Vancouver BC

Photo: Robert Free/Cancun climate summit
Censored News
3:30 pm: Opening prayer: Tsiyotelot Audrey Rivers: Squamish Nation Elder, Matriarch (possible song by Takaya)
3:35: Jesus: Wixakari Nation, Chief Richard Billy: Squamish Nation
4:00 Native American Church Canada Ken Daniels, Mining Alliance speaker: tba 430: Tsilqou’tin Nation, Chief Dave Quilt, Chief Francis Laceese, Stan Stump, 5:00 Helen & Frank Martin; Heiltsuk Nation Chief and Wet suweten Nation Bear Clan Mother
5:30: John and Mary Williams; Lil wat Nation
6:00 Woody Morrison; Hiada Nation630: Dinner, Music by: David Campbell: Arawak Nation
7:00 BC Hydro agreement: Sst at imc Injunction update
7:30: Gladys Raddik, Tammi Starlight
8:00 Bill Lightbown: Kootenay Nation,
8: 15 Latin American speaker, Goldcorp affected Indians
8:30 Closing song

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