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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Truck load of safe drinking water for Navajos drinking uranium poisoned water

Photos by Forgotten People
Forgotten People, Navajo Nation, Arizona: Friday, February 18, 2011, Pastor Jimmy Bowling and Operation Compassion delivered a semi with 80,000 lbs. of safe drinking water, produce, winter coats, blankets to Forgotten People in Box Springs, Black Falls, Grand Falls, who are drinking uranium and arsenic contaminated water. Next delivery of safe drinking water in early March by Native American Support Mission.
Greetings! Thank you Operation Compassion, Native American Support Mission and Vision Ministries of America for demonstrating your commitment to Forgotten People. With your help, we delivered 17 pallets, 80,000 lbs. of safe drinking water into pick up trucks and flat beds to bring it to Box Springs. We also got pallets of fresh produce, juice, brand new winter coats, clothing. It was an incredibly beautiful day!

Rolanda Tohannie. Box Springs said: "Water is a blessing. I love what Forgotten People and Operation Compassion did for us! Thank you God for answering my prayers. Now, for a while, we can drink good water, my grandkids Aden and Ariel can visit me here and I can play with them. With Leupp Station water point and Black Falls watering point broken, everyone is back to drinking contaminated water. My health is gone and my body is worthless, it is no good to me anymore. I have thyroid cancer and seven operations in the last year. On March 7, 2011 at 2:15 PM, I will undergo another operation at Flagstaff Medical Center for cancer they found on my tonsils. It is super what happened here today. hope this safe drinking water will help me live a little longer.

FloraBelle Paddock, Black Falls said: "I was getting safe drinking water from US Environmental Protection Agency Superfund program. When that stopped it caused me great hardship. I am thankful for Forgotten People and Operation Compassion. This water will help us survive for a little while longer."

Alice Tso, Box Springs said: "I have cancer and am very thankful and appreciative of the help of Forgotten People and Operation Compassion for delivering safe drinking water so we can stop drinking contaminated water for a little while. There is no help from other sources. With you help, I will be in good health. Thank you!"

Ronald Tohannie, Forgotten People's Black Falls Project Manager and Benson Willie of Black Falls said, "The Black Falls watering point has been broken for 2 months. Now Leupp Station watering point is broken. We know how to conduct repairs but we are told we cannot do the repairs because we are not certified. We want to know, why isn't someone coming out from Window Rock to fix the Black Falls watering point? Don't they know the only water sources we have are contaminated and everyone is back to using Box Springs, Paddock Springs, Badger Springs when we know it will kill us? The situation is critical and we appreciate your help!

Rolanda Tohannie is currently sorting clothes and coats by ages and local residents are distributing the water and fresh produce in their communities.

Thank you,
Forgotten People
Navajo Nation, Arizona

Photos: Long Walk 3 Oregon walking into the sunshine

Photos copyright by Christina Akaquiqui, published with permission.
The Longest Walk 3 northern route for the reversal of diabetes, walked and ran through the snow in the mountains of Oregon this week, and into the sunshine. They'll be walking and running into Lapwai, Idaho, in another week.
Feb. 19, 2011, SAT: Mt Vernon Hwy 26 Beech Creek Rte 395
SUN Long Creek Rte 395 Dale Rte 395
MON Pilot Rock Rte 395
TUES Spring Creek Rd., left on Shaw Rd., right on Holmes Rd., left on South Market to Rest Camp Pendleton INT 84
Complete Schedule:
Contacts: Longest Walk Northern Route cell contacts: Contacts: Chris Francisco at (503) 515-6239 or Christina 'qui-qui' at (360) 241-6562

Censored News top stories Feb. 19, 2011

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By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
Photo by Christina Akaquiqui/Long Walk 3 in Oregon
This week Censored News celebrates Native American youths walking and running through the snow-packed mountains of Oregon, as they begin the Longest Walk 3 northern route across America, for the reversal of diabetes. Censored News also welcomes the return of the voices of Kahentinetha Horn of Mohawk Nation News, and the Zapatistas Subcomandante Marcos.
Censored News welcomes readers in Madagascar. Censored News readers have been from 195 countries, in the past six months.
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Videos, photos and interviews from the Longest Walk 3 northern route youths, and photos from the southern route at Censored News.

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