Sunday, January 22, 2012

Censored News Passes 1 Million Hits Mark!

Censored News Print Edition to include interviews with Mohawk Warrior Society at the southern border!

Censored News

Censored News, focused on Indigenous Peoples and human rights, passed the 1 Million Mark this week! Censored News page views passed the 1,050,000 mark, making more than one million views since it began five years ago. Thanks to all our contributors of articles and photos, and readers!

The Censored News upcoming print edition will include interviews -- never published before -- with members of the Mohawk Warrior Society, as they supported Indigenous at the southern border and the Zapatistas.
Those who make any donation to Censored News, to keep it going, will receive the first print edition. Donate by way of PayPal on Censored News, or mail to Brenda Norrell, PMB 132, 405 E. Wetmore Rd., Ste 117, Tucson, Ariz. 85705 Thank you!

Although Censored News is very popular, it receives very few donations. Please donate to keep it going!

Censored News is in desperate need of a laptop to continue! Thank you!
Thank you! Brenda Norrell, publisher

Censored News began five years ago when Brenda Norrell, a longtime staff reporter for Indian Country Today, was repeatedly censored, then terminated. After being warned not to write articles on grassroots Native Americans, or the genocide of Indigenous Peoples, Censored News was created to tell those stories and more.

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Asdzaananahoghasi said...

Yes, I can count on censored news to carry critical indigenous people's news. I'll make monthly donations. Perhaps a yearly donation drive?
So Brenda how in the world are you managing? Thank you for your commitment and dedication! Blessings