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January 1, 2012

Anonymous kickstarts 2012 with avalanche of data

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

The hacktivists of Anonymous and Antisec kickstarted 2012 with the release of an avalanche of data, beginning on New Years Eve by hacking the California Statewide Law Enforcement website with the political hip hop music of The Coup, and a message. The Anons followed by exposing data from California and New York police departments and the client list for Stratfor Global Intelligence, and then rallied in the New Year with Op Hiroshima.
The Op Hiroshima release begins with:
"Ladies and gentlemen of the great world wide web, it is our great pleasure to present to you for your educational and viewing pleasure …. Operation Hiroshima.
  1. The beginning of the New Year now begins officially. It is now, at this very moment people all across the nation and in other countries perhaps a matter of hours difference, are celebrating the turning of a new year and with it the hope for a new start whatever that may be.
  2. However, a new start is not the same as a clean slate, now is it?
  3. But in every situation there is ALWAYS a leveraging factor. Let the information dump commence.
  4. We still run this.
  5. We are Anonymous.
  6. We are Legion.
  7. We Do Not Forgive.
  8. We Do Not Forget.
  9. We’re Sure You Expected This.  (Continues at link)

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