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September 14, 2015

Dineh Farmer Visits Palestine

Dineh (Navajo) farmer Roberto Nutlouis
visits Palestine. Published with permission
at Censored News.

What a blessing to wake up n this ancient city, Khalil al-Rahman/ Hebron (The Friend of God) - one of the oldest continuously inhabited city n da world, got to meet the chairman of United Agricultural Workers Union who are hosting us -- we will be visiting Bedouin farmers today but for now we refueling before heading out, pita bread, hummus and veggies for breakfast is the first for me.


Photos and text by Roberto Nutlouis
Censored News

Spent some time at a local college discussing 'Climate Adaptation is a Right' and nailed the real issue - Neo -Colonization and corporate control reinforced through military intervention is the root cause of the global ecological and social degradation, we can't depend on these institution but rather reconnect to local knowledge to find solutions that benefit our people and land.
Spent some time exploring Hebron and walked the Old City to see the vibrant Palestinian culture and also the illegal occupation by the settlers - we got to attend the Grape Festival, met some farmers who work with UAWC and tasted their product.

Black Mesa Water Coalition is part of the Climate Justice Alliance and La Via Campensia delegation invited by the United Agricultural Workers Committee to be in solidarity with the Palestinian farmers struggles for access to land and water due to the continued illegal occupation of Israeli military and settlers. We visited  Beduin communities whose villages have been demolished yet they continue to live on their ancestral lands. We will also be presenting at the local Palestinian Technical College for their 'Climate Adaptation is a Right: Struggles for Food Sovereignty' conference. I will be presenting on our Restorative Economy: Food Sovereignty work that seeks to restore the health of the land and people based on local knowledge.

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