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September 18, 2015

Photos Navajo in Palestine: 'Ethnic Cleansing: The Apartheid Wall'

By Dineh (Navajo) Farmer in Palestine Roberto Nutlouis
Censored News

"They built a wall to try to keep terrorists out
                                   And it becomes symbolic what terrorism’s about" (h. Salam)
Spent the day taking with various communities impacted by the apartheid wall. They explained it as 'Ethnic Cleansing' by making their lives severely difficult and many communities have becomes ghost towns. The Beduin communities have collective decided to resist relocation. It demonstrates indigenous peoples deep connection to their lands are not easily uprooted.
Beduin elders remind us this struggle is not isolated but rather part of the continued colonization.
"The British brought settlers to your lands and they also sent them to our lands" -- Roberto Nutlouis, Dineh in Palestine

Breaking News at Censored News: 
Elbit Systems, contracted by US Homeland Security, is now pushing its spy towers on traditional Tohono O'odham communities. Gu-Vo District said NO! as it defends an area of O'odham human remains and cultural places. Elbit is responsible for Apartheid security surrounding Palestine and is now at the Arizona border.

More photos from Roberto Nutlouis in Palestine:

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