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February 28, 2018

NRC Yucca Mountain Licensing Support Network Advisory Review Panel

NRC Yucca Mountain Licensing Support Network Advisory Review Panel

By Mr. Ian Zabarte
Censored News

The US Cold War against Native Americans continued today as proposals were sought by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to restore 3.9 million documents for adjudicatory review of the proposed Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump. The site owned by the Shoshone Nation under term of the Treaty of Ruby Valley in International Law, the Consolidated Treaty Series Volume 127 1863 and supreme by US law in the Constitution, an Article 6 treaty. The US Indian Claims Commission could not find a taking had occurred. All of the acts that the US relies upon to justify "taking" were contemplated in the treaty and could not constitute a taking outside of the terms of the treaty and could not effect ​extinguish​ment of Indian title including Shoshone ownership of Yucca Mountain. Stealing is not a term of the treaty. The Shoshone own all rights title and interest and the US sought to purchase specific interests, by treaty.

The Shoshone have experience radiation exposure in fallout from US/UK testing of weapons of mass destruction (WMD's), an increased involuntary risk of exposure to radiation. Because of our past exposure to radiation, mine as well, we cannot endure any increased burden of risk from any source, including US civilian or military nuclear waste, said Mr. Ian Zabarte, Principal Man, Western Bands of the Shoshone Nation of Indians. Again today, Mr. Zabarte called out the proceedings as unfair, " NRC wrote to inform the Native Community Action Council will not be funded by the NRC.. That is environmental racism," stated Mr. Zabarte on the record to the NRC Advisory Review Panel again today.

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