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February 28, 2018

TigerSwan's Propaganda for Dollars at Standing Rock, Part II

Militarized police attacked water protectors as a result of TigerSwan's propaganda, which is revealed in new articles.

TigerSwan's Propaganda for Dollars at Standing Rock, Part II

Article by Brenda Norrell
Censored News

TigerSwan's propaganda campaign for dollars -- including the so-called Billionaires Club and Rules for Radicals --  has been exposed in Part II of investigative reports by SOFREP, Special Forces Media.
TigerSwan's misinformation campaign is exposed by revealing two slide presentations that Tiger Swan used.

The misinformation campaign -- targeting Indigenous Rising, Black Lives Matter, Bold Nebraska, the Ruckus Society, and many others -- resulted in lucrative contracts with Energy Transfer Partners' Dakota Access Pipeline. C. Danielle Bizier reports this in today's article 'TigerSwan Propaganda Masquerading as Analysis."

SOFREP writes that TigerSwan had no intention of dealing in the facts, or presenting solid research, which would have included minimizing bias and increasing precision.

"TigerSwan’s analysts had no intention of doing any of the above. Their job was to frighten potential clients with tales of billionaire bogeyman and renegade Russians. As stated in SOFREP’s expose, The Problem with TigerSwan: False Flags and Agents Provocateur at Standing Rock ..." writes SOFREP.

TigerSwan's propaganda to its funders included scare tactics, falsely targeting the Sudan, Palestine and Russia.

The Billionaires Club presentation by TigerSwan targeted environmental organizations, and their non-profit funders.
Screenshot of slide by Censored News

These organizations below are targeted in TigerSwan's presentation Rules for Radicals. TigerSwan used the slide presentations to enrich itself with this propaganda. TigerSwan used images stolen from social media.
TigerSwan propaganda slide. 

Watch TigerSwan's presentations, with the images above, in SOFREP's article:

Read article 1 from SOFREP

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