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July 4, 2018

On the Fourth of July, Leonard Peltier Still in Lockdown

Greeting Friends, Family, and Supporters,

July 4th is a national holiday which should mean an extra visiting day in July for Leonard. Normally, Leonard would be spending today with members of the ILPDC or possibly members of his family would have made the trip to visit him. Today, no one will be able to visit Leonard as the lockdown at USP Coleman continues - it has been over 30 days so far without a social or legal visit for Leonard. The ILPDC applied for a legal visit on June 5th and as of today we have not been granted permission to have a legal visit with Leonard. The ILPDC staff and board members that go in on a regular basis to visit Leonard are Paulette Dauteuil, co-director of ILPDC and Sheridan Murphy, vice chairman of ILPDC. We need your help, please call Mr. Brown, Leonard’s case manager at USP Coleman (352) 689-6000 and inquire into how Leonard Peltier (89637-132) is doing and please state that you are concerned about his health during this lockdown.

Our FOIA/ Freedom of Information attorney in Buffalo, NY will be filing an appeal later this month to have the U.S. Government release specific documents that have been withheld from Leonard’s legal team for over 40 years. We are told that these documents have been withheld for reasons of national security, but after 20 years they should have been released. Here we are in 2018 and still trying to get the court documents that are important to his legal struggle for freedom. It is evident that Leonard has not and will not receive fair and equitable treatment on any legal level. In order to change this travesty of justice please join the Twitter blast every Wednesday from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm asking President Trump for clemency for Leonard Peltier. Let’s make this a huge national and international Twitter Campaign !! We are asking ILPDC supporters that don’t use twitter to write a letter to the President asking for clemency for Leonard. You can find an example of a letter on the ILPDC website

Moving Leonard’s legal work forward and maintaining a national ILPDC office would not be possible without your support. We have developed merchandise that we hope you will check out on our website and buy for family, friends, or work colleagues. Some of the newest items are:

• “The Freedom Coffee Mug”
• Paintings & a lithograph of Leonard’s that can be put on a photo slate
• Red “Free Peltier” T-Shirts will be back in July7, 2018
The ILPDC website is updated weekly please look at our new items on the store page. staff and board thank all of you for taking the time to call the office to show support for Leonard’s fight for freedom.


International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee Board and Staff

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