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July 3, 2018

Western Shoshone Carole Wright 'White House Racism and Stolen Children'

Carlisle Indian School, Penn., circa 1900
Carlisle Indian School 'The Children Who Never Came Home'
Photo Brenda Norrell, Longest Walk 2008
White House Racism and Stolen Children. The Fear that is America.

By Carole Wright, Western Shoshone
Censored News
July 3, 2018

I, and my Indian relatives, have watched the ugliness of the immigration policies perpetrated upon our Indian relatives from the south. Imprisoned. Their children taken away from them. For us is it a case of déjà vu and déjà vu because we’ve been through this crap before – only on the receiving end of that type of treatment by the immigrants who came to this country.
Only after it was publicized that children were separated from their parents that the public became angry. It was heard, “But that is not who we are as a country,” during the recent protests and Indian people answered, “Yes, it is.”
Since first coming to this country the white people were fearful of a people who looked different, lived different, and worshiped different. So it became incumbent upon their righteous beliefs to change us – or kill us – whatever was most expedient.
First came the killing, then forcible removal from the homelands and herded into inhospitable territory, no hunting or gathering of foods, just about every possible survivable means was denied. Despite the death of millions of our relatives, we still survived. Then it was decided we had to change to become acceptable.
The solution was the children. They had to be taken away and schooled to forget their language and traditional ways. “Kill the Indian, save the man” became the mantra of education for native children. The more we became like white people the less frightening we were. Sort of.
Racism is fear. Fear turns into hatred because understanding that fear would mean accepting a weakness in the soul. And that weakness is unacceptable. Consequently people who are different in color, religion or cultural values are hated because they are feared.
Sounds simplistic but as any person of color will tell you there is a fear that is flashed in the eyes of a white person at first meeting one who is different. Some can’t help it. They can either accept the difference or hate it. Fortunately, many have accepted that difference.
But the White House and its people have not and they are afraid. They have become aware that people of color are outnumbering them and their righteous ways. Their fear has become hatred. And that explains the ugliness they have demonstrated towards all immigrants of different color, different appearance and different religion. Simple.

 Albuquerque Indian School. -- The Militarization of Kidnapped Native American Children in Indian Boarding Schools. Their "re-education" included training Native children to become U.S. soldiers and fight for the same U.S. military forces that murdered their ancestors, kidnapped the children, and carried out forced removals from their homelands.

Carole Wright,
Western Shoshone
Copyright Carole Wright, Censored News

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Unknown said...

It hurts me so much and angers me, even more, to see these very young people stolen and taken far away from their parents and families with little protest because their parents really had no other choice--just as it is currently happening again. Parents and children being separated because it's what those *in charge* perceive, once again, as what's best for those children, as well! You can compare it to the many wars we've involved ourselves in and always because *we know what's best". For EVERYONE IN THE WHOLE WORLD? What gives us the right? The knowledge? Who made the U.S. God Almighty?`with the ability to make this life-changing decisions in the hands of people who do not give a sh(+!! about any of them at all--