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September 4, 2018

Zapatistas 'A Challenge, A Real Autonomy'

Third and last part:


From the mountains of the mexican southeast.
Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés. Subcomandante Insurgente Galeano.

Mexico, August 2018.

Whats Next?

 Row against the current. Nothing new for us, we, nosotroas , zapatistas.

 We want to endorse - we consult with our peoples - any foreman will be confronted, anybody; and not only who proposes a good administration and a correct repression - that is, this fight against corruption and the security plan based on impunity-; also those behind avant-garde dreams seek to impose their hegemony and homogenize us.

 We will not change our history, our pain, our anger, our struggle, for the progressive conformity and their walk behind the leader.

 Maybe the rest will forget it, but we do not forget that we are zapatistas.

 And in and about our autonomy -with this being handled that is going to be recognized, or will not be recognized-, we made this reasoning: official autonomy and real autonomy. The officer is the one who recognizes the laws. The logic would be this: you have an autonomy, now I recognize it in a law and then your autonomy begins to depend on that law and it no longer keeps its forms, and then, when there is going to be a change of government, then you have to support the "good" government, and vote for it, promote the vote for it, because if another government comes in they will take away the law that protects you. Then we become the pawns of the political parties, as has happened with social movements around the world. It no longer matters what is operating in reality, what is being defended, but what the law recognizes.

- * -

 We talk to our bosses and bosses. Or rather we talk to the people who give us the step, the direction and the destination. With his gaze we look at what is coming.

 We consulted, and we said: well, if we say this, what will happen?

 We are going to be left alone, they are going to tell us that we are marginal, that we are staying out of the great revolution ... of the fourth transformation or the new religion (or whatever you want to call it), and we are going to have to row against the current again.

 But it is nothing new, for us and us, that we are alone.

 And then we asked ourselves, well, are we afraid of this being alone? Are we afraid to keep our convictions, to continue fighting for them ?; Are we afraid that, who was in favor, will be against? Are we afraid of not giving up, of not selling ourselves, of not giving up ?; and finally we conclude: well, we are wondering if we are afraid of being zapatistas.

 We are not afraid of being Zapatistas and we will continue to be.

 That's how we asked and we responded.

 We think that together with you (the networks), with everything against, because they did not have the means, nor the consensus, nor the fashion, nor the payment -you even had to pay out of pocket-, that with all that, around a group of natives and a small woman, short, that yes brown, the color of the earth, we denounce a predatory system and defend the conviction of a struggle.

 And then we are looking for other people who are not afraid. So we ask you (the networks): are you afraid?

 There you see it then, if you are afraid, then we will look elsewhere.

- * -

 We think that we must continue on the side of the original peoples.

 Maybe some of the networks still think that we are supporting the native peoples. They will see, as time progresses, that it will be the other way around: they will support us with their experience and their organizational forms, that is, we will learn. Because if someone is an expert in storms, they are the original peoples, they have already thrown everything and there they are, or here we are, then.

 But we also think -and we tell you clearly, compañer @ s- that it is not enough, that we have to incorporate our realities into our horizon with their pains and their anger, that is, we have to walk towards the next stage: the construction of a Council that incorporates the struggles of all the oppressed, of the disposable, of the disappeared and murdered, of the political prisoners, of the aggrieved women, of the prostituted children, of the calendars and geographies that trace the impossible map for the laws of probability , the polls and the votes: the contemporary map of the rebellions and the resistances in all the planet.

 If you, together with us, are going to challenge the probability law that says there is no chance, or very little chance, that we will achieve it, if we are going to challenge the polls, the millions in the votes, and the numerals that the Power offer to surrender or to faint, we have to make the Council bigger.

 Up to now it is only a thought that we express here, but we want to build a Council that does not absorb or annul all the differences, but rather empowers them in the walk with other , others and others that we have the same commitment.

 With the same reasoning, these parameters should not have as a limit the geography imposed by borders and flags: it should aim to become international.

 What we are proposing is not only that the Indigenous Council of Government ceases to be only indigenous, but also ceases to be national.

 Therefore, we, us, nosotroas , as zapatistas we are, we propose to take consultation, plus all the proposals that have been made at this meeting, the following:

1º.- To endorse our support to the National Indigenous Congress and the Indigenous Council of Government.

2º.- Create and maintain open and transparent communication channels among those who met in the course of the Indigenous Government Council and its spokesperson.

3º.- Initiate or continue the analysis-assessment of the reality in which we operate, making and sharing those analyzes and assessments, as well as the coordinated action proposals that may be derived.

4º.- We propose the unfolding of the Support Networks to the IGC, without leaving the support to the originals, to open the heart to the rebellions and resistances that emerge and persevere where each one moves, in the countryside and the city, regardless of the borders.

5º.- Initiate or continue the struggle that aims to magnify the demands and character of the Indigenous Council of Government, so that it goes beyond the native peoples and incorporates workers from the countryside and the city, and disposable people who have history and struggle itself, that is, identity.

6º.- Initiate or continue the analysis and discussion that points to the birth of a Coordination or Federation of Networks, which avoids the centralized and vertical control, and that does not skimp the solidarity support and the brotherhood among those who form it.

7th and last.- Hold an international meeting of networks, whatever they are called -we propose that we now call ourselves a Network of Resistance and Rebellion ... and each person's name- in December of this year, after knowing and analyzing and evaluating what that decide and propose the National Indigenous Congress and its Indigenous Council of Government (in its meeting of October of this year), and also to know the results of the consultation that is called in this meeting -in which we are right now-. For this we offer, if you like, space in one of the Zapatista Caracoles.

 Our call is therefore not only the original, it is todoas , all and all those who rebel and resist in every corner of the world. To those who defy the schemes, the rules, the laws, the precepts, the numbers and the percentages.

- * -

Anecdote one.- In the first days of January 1994, the intelligence of the Federal Army estimated the strength of the self-styled ezetaelene in "only" 300 transgressors of the law.

Anecdote two.- In the same year, and while Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de León and Esteban Moctezuma Barragán cooked up the betrayal of February 1995, the Nexos group (previously dedicated to singing praises to Salinas de Gortari and then to Zedillo) became desperate and, in the voice of Héctor Aguilar Camín, he expressed, words more, words less: " Why do not they annihilate them? It's only 300. "

Anecdote three.- From the report of the registration table in the Meeting of Networks of Support to the CIG and its spokesperson, held in the Zapatista snail "Whirlwind of Our Words", from August 3 to 5, 2018: " assistants: 300 " .

Anecdote four: Income of the 300 most powerful companies on the planet: no idea, but it can be a 300, or any number, followed by a shuffle of zeros, and then "millions of dollars."

Anecdote five.- "Encouraging" amounts and percentages:

.- the quantitative difference between 300 and 30, 113,483 (which are the votes that, according to the INE, obtained the candidate AMLO) is: thirty million, one hundred thirteen thousand, one hundred and eighty three;

.- 300 is 0.00099623% of those more than 30 million;

.- 300 is 0.00052993% of the votes cast (56, 611.027);

.- 300 is 0.00033583% of the electoral roll (89, 332.032);

.- 300 is 0.00022626% of the Mexican population (132, 593,000, less than 7 women on average are finalized daily -in the last decade in Mexico and on average, a girl, Jovena , adult or female of the third age, was assassinated every 4 hours-);

.- 300 is 0.00003012% of the population of the American Continent (996, 000,000 in 2017);

.- the percentage probability of destroying the capitalist system is 0.000003929141%, which is the percentage of the world population (7, 635, 255.247 at 19:54 national time on August 20, 2018), which represents 300 (Of course, if the alleged 300 people do not sell, do not give up and do not give up).

 Oh, I know, not even the turtle defeating Achilles would be any consolation.

 And a snail? ...

 The Scarlet Witch? ...

 The cat-dog? ...

 Leave that to us, us, zapatistas, what reveals us is not the challenge posed by that very small probability, but how the world will continue to be; the one that, on the still smoking ashes of the system, begins to emerge.

 What will their forms be?

 Will colors be spoken?

 What will be your musical theme? (Huh? "The one with the red bow?" Or think about it).

 What will be the formation of the team, completed at last, of Zapatista Defense? Can you line up Esperanza Zapatista's teddy bear, making a dumbbell with Pedrito? Will Pablito let him wear his cowboy hat and the Amado Zapatista his worsted helmet? Why does not that damned referee mark the misplaced clear of the Cat-dog?

 And, above all, and that is fundamental, how is that world going to dance?

 Therefore, when we, Zapatistas, ask us "what's next?" ... well, how can I tell him? ... we do not respond later, but we are slow to respond.

 Because, you see, dancing a world gives less problems than imagining it.

Anecdote six.- Ah, did you think that the " 300 " was for the film of the same name and for the battle of Thermopylae, and already prepared, dressed as Leonidas or as Gorgo (everyone his way), to yell " This is Sparta! "While decimating the troops of the" Immortals "of the Persian king Xerxes? I do not tell him? These zapatistas, as usual, watching another movie. Or worse, looking and analyzing reality. Neither way

- * -

 That's all for now.

From the mountains of the mexican southeast.

Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés. Subcomandante Insurgente Galeano.

Mexico, August 2018.

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