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Friday, August 3, 2018

Contact Lost with Swedish Boat to Gaza

Swedish Boat to Gaza believed to be under Israeli Military Attack, after all contact lost

First Nation elder on his way home, after Freedom Flotilla to Gaza attacked by Israeli military

Larry Commodore, Sto:lo First Nation, on his way home, after he was injured and imprisoned when the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza was attacked by Israeli military

By Canada Boat to Gaza
Censored News
Larry Commodore, elder and former chief of the Stó:lō First Nation (near Chilliwack, B.C.) is finally on his way home. Larry is shown on the right of the photo next to the Palestinian ambassador to Italy and Canadian participant Kathy Wazana and John Turnbull, skipper of the Freedom, last week in Palermo. He was among the participants from the Freedom Flotilla vessel Al Awda (The Return) which was attacked and violently captured by the Israeli Occupation Forces on Sunday. Larry and others were held in unlawful detention in an Israeli prison until today, and is now on his way how to family and supporters. Press and the public are asked to direct inquiries to our media spokespersons

The Freedom Flotilla spokesperson said Larry's foot was injured when Israeli military attacked the lead boat, and Larry spent the first night in the hospital, before being transferred to Givon Prison in Israel. -- Censored News

Update: New details on the attack by Israeli military. Freedom Flotilla passengers were tasered, beaten and imprisoned. Al Jazeera journalists remain in Israeli prison.

Defenders Lock Down in Colorado over Caged and Imprisoned Migrant Children at ICE

Unicorn Riot reporting live on Thursday -- "All eight folks who were detained by police after blockading the driveway entrances to the Field Office have been freed from custody. Seven of them were dropped off on the side of a road by police, instead of being brought to jail. More updates to come."
Defenders Lock Down in Colorado over Caged and Imprisoned Migrant Children at ICE
Militarized police in Centennial, Colorado, at ICE headquarters carry out Trump's orders to
cage and imprison migrant children who are separated from their parents.

Colorado defenders of immigrants locked down for 7 hours in the 90 degree heat on Thursday -- singing out to defend caged and imprisoned migrant children and their parents, outside ICE in Colorado. One toddler died after being incarcerated and separated from her parents at a facility in Dallas, Texas, this week, as Trump's cruel and genocidal torture of migrants continues.

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