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August 14, 2019

Postcards to El Paso -- from New York with love!

My friend Terrie in New York sent these postcards to the children in two El Paso elementary schools, Tom Lea Elementary, and Hillside Elementary.
Sharing the love,
Brenda, Censored News
Dear Friends, 
Some of you are aware of my involvement in sending postcards to people who have been hurt by the ills we see in today’s world. Some have been to my “Card Party” gatherings to make and send and discuss the issues. It’s such a powerful and simple thing. It’s all organized on a Facebook page (Local Love Brigade-VT).
But I’m reaching out to you via email with a request from two teachers in El Paso for supportive POST CARDs -- (NO ENVELOPES!!!)
You can do art or purchase a card and comfort a child.

Hillside Elementary School
4500 Clifton Ave.
El Paso, Texas 79903

Tom Lea Elementary
4851 Marcus Uribe Drive
El Paso, Texas 79934

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