Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

August 16, 2019

'We Are Mauna Kea' Standing for Future Generations

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'We are Mauna Kea' new video reveals the vision and stance that brings thousands to stand and protect their sacred mountain, Mauna Kea

Video by On the Roam
Article by Brenda Norrell
Censored News

In this fragile ecosystem, Native Hawaiians continue to resist telescopes on sacred land.
Pua Case said, "We have two more years in which we will continue to stand."
"We will wake up other nations. They will support us, and we will interweave."
"We are the unexpected. We are the Native people that no one ever expected to rise."
The Native people say "No more."
"This is where aloha lives, true aloha," Case said.
Native  Hawaiians are standing with their dances and their integrity. They are standing without violence for the future generations who will follow in their own communities.
"There will be no turning back."
"We will stand as mountains. Unshakable."

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