Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

September 10, 2020

Red Fawn Comes Home!

Photos by Lakota People's Law Project

Standing Rock Water Protector Comes Home

Lakota People's Law Project said, "Welcome home, Red Fawn. After four years in prison, Red Fawn Fallis returns to Standing Rock to reunite with her loved ones. Political persecution is alive and well in the era of climate change. Thank you for your sacrifice, on behalf of us all, Red Fawn."

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J.D. Ruybal said...

I am joining you all in welcoming our sister back by resolving to keep my heart open along with my commitment to justice being firm!

Welcome back Red Fawn; welcome back to the freedom YOU NEVER should have lost.
Red fawn Please know—with all my heart—I respect you entirely for what you had to endure as you stand up to protect life. My respect for you is more than words alone can ever express!

In Respectful Solidarity
J.D. Ruybal