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Sunday, February 13, 2022

Navajo government's failure to distribute federal virus funds is crime against humanity

Bitahnii Wilson, Dine' volunteer, delivers water in February. The Navajo government has not distributed $2.1 billion in federal virus relief it received eight months ago. Bitahnii's has taken supplies to Navajo and Hopi throughout the pandemic. Photo courtesy Bitahnii Wilson.

While the Navajo government stalls the distribution of federal virus relief funds, Dine' continue to die -- as omicron spreads rapidly on Navajo Nation

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

WINDOW ROCK, Arizona -- The Navajo Nation government has failed to distribute $2.1 billion in federal virus relief funds that it received eight months ago from the American Rescue Plan Act. While omicron is spreading rapidly on the Navajo Nation, Dine' sick and isolated remain desperate for water, food and firewood.

Three Navajos died yesterday from the virus. Now, 1,636 Navajos have died. The new variant is spreading rapidly through Navajoland and Indian country. The Navajo Department of Health said that 921 Omicron cases were confirmed on the Navajo Nation.

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