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Thursday, May 5, 2022

Frack Off Chaco! Coalition Delivers Nearly 80,000 Comments to Halt Destruction in Greater Chaco Region

Photo courtesy WildEarth Guardians

Coalition Delivers nearly 80,000 Comments to Bureau of Land Management at Rally To "Truly Honor Chaco"

Commenters demand more meaningful protections for Greater Chaco and greater involvement of impacted communities

Greater Chaco Coalition Statement
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French Translation by Christine Prat

Santa Fe, NM - Today, the Greater Chaco Coalition/Frack Off Chaco, composed of environmental justice advocates, Indigenous grassroots organizations, tribal community leaders, and members of the public, rallied and delivered nearly 80,000 comments to the Bureau of Land Management demanding greater protections for the Greater Chaco Landscape and surrounding communities from expanded oil and gas activities.

Photo courtesy WildEarth Guardians

Today's rally coincided with the deadline to submit comments on the Bureau of Land Management's proposal to stop new oil and gas leasing for a 20-year period on roughly 350,000 acres of land within a 10-mile radius of Chaco Culture National Historical Park. More than 20 people attended the rally and participants contributed their name and comments to an artistic display of what it means to truly 'Honor Greater Chaco'.

Amicus Briefs Filed in Support of Standing Rock Water Protectors in Appeals Court

Law enforcement blasts Standing Rock Water Protectors with water cannons on Nov. 20, 2016

Amicus Briefs Filed in Support of Historic Dundon v. Kirchmeier 8th Circuit Appeal

By Water Protector Legal Collective
Contact: Rachel Lederman or Natali Segovia
May 4, 2022

Water Protectors are still seeking accountability from Morton County and law enforcement for mass human rights violations committed over five years ago at Standing Rock.

The National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) and the National Police Accountability Project of the National Lawyers Guild (NPAP) filed amicus briefs in support of the 8th Circuit appeal in the Dundon v. Kirchmeier civil rights case, in which at least 200 Water Protectors were injured and dozens hospitalized by law enforcement violence on one night as they demonstrated at Standing Rock.

“It is only a matter of luck that no one was killed,” Rachel Lederman (WPLC Cooperating Attorney) said about the suit. “This outrageous lower court decision sanctioning mass maiming and indiscriminate brutality must be struck down.”

North Dakota Supreme Court says Tiger Swan's Standing Rock documents are public records

Photo by Ryan Vizzions

North Dakota Supreme Court says Tiger Swan's Standing Rock documents are public records 

By Brenda Norrell
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The North Dakota Supreme Court ruled that TigerSwan's documents from Standing Rock are public records. Confirming the ruling of the district court, the high court's ruling means that The Intercept and other news media will be able to obtain the documents.

The high court ruled that a state regulatory committee must comb through the 60,000 documents and remove those associated with trade secrets and litigation.

The lawsuit is a victory for free press. Already leaked documents reveal the names of many Water Protectors who were targeted by TigerSwan at Standing Rock. Those leaked documents also expose infiltrators in the camps who attempted to provoke crimes, as reported by The Intercept.

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