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Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Saturday, May 14, 2022

'Daughters for Earth: Women and the Climate Change Movement' at Bioneers

Daughters for Earth: Women and the Climate Change Movement

Women discuss the impacts of climate change and the search for personal healing, during today's three day Bioneers Conference at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco and the virtual conference

By Bioneers
Daughters for Earth: May 14th | 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm Pacific time
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Women all over the globe, especially in the “developing world,” are the ones who most often bear the brunt of having to contend with the radical disruptions visited upon their families and communities by climate change and environmental degradation, yet women’s voices are far too often ignored.

Furthermore, climate change and physical and psycho-spiritual health are almost always discussed as separate issues, but the personal and the political, the heart and the mind are not just interconnected, they are all one.

Rights of Nature, Stop Line 3: Attorneys Panel at Bioneers

Today: Rights of Nature, Stop Line 3: Attorneys Panel at Bioneers

Attorneys in the forefront of the Rights of Nature and the legal battle to Stop Enbridge's Line 3 in Minnesota

Censored News original series from talks and panels at Bioneers

Sikowis and Nick Estes: 
The Failed System, Schemes of Non-Profits and a Regenerative Future

Sisters in Defense of Amazon Rainforest
Oil Companies Bring Terror to Ecuadorian Amazon

Rights of Nature Attorneys Describe Emerging Movement in Indian Country

By Bioneers
Saturday, May 14, 2022, Pacific time pm 2:45 to 4:15 pm
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Rights of Nature: From Grassroots to Mainstream

The “Rights of Nature” movement seeks to protect rivers, mountains, and entire ecosystems and the life forms supported within them by recognizing and enshrining their rights in formal legal codes and constitutions.

This legal framework offers a radically different worldview from current legal premises. Instead of being seen as property, nature as a whole and its various components would be formally recognized to have inherent rights to exist, persist, flourish and evolve, and these would be protected under the law.

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