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April 17, 2023

Navajo Sexual Abuse Awareness Walk

Dine' advocates and Navajo Nation Council delegates are speaking out for Dine' survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence, and in defense of missing and murdered Indigenous Peoples. Dine' are also speaking out in defense of water rights.

Now: Navajo are speaking out with a message of love, speaking out with awareness of sexual abuse and missing and murdered Indigenous Peoples. Live from in front of the Navajo Nation Council, as the spring Council session begins in Window Rock, Arizona. April 17, 2023

Dine' family advocates are speaking out for Dine' victims who are traumatized.
"They are survivors." Dine' survivors of sexual abuse are from six months old to 78-year-olds," said one of the Dine' advocates.
"Some of our young people have been trafficked out to Albuquerque because of social media."
"We have families that don't believe their children."
"If you know something -- say something."
"We need these cases prosecuted.
"Start by believing, that's what you can do," Dine' family advocate said.
The Tse’hootsooi’ Family Advocacy Center is a program of the Tse’hootsooi Medical Center on the Navajo Nation, in Fort Defiance, Arizona.

Dine' speaking out about $2 billion in COVID federal virus funds and priorities.
"It is our duty to call them out," Dine' say, pointing out that the Navajo Nation Council must be held accountable for the $2 billion in federal virus funds that were received. "Let's not send one penny back." Dine' point out that Dine' did not have access to water to wash their hands to protect themselves as the virus spread.
Dine' said the virus is spreading because homes are overcrowded, with two or more families living in one home.
Live from Marley Shebala

(Above) Live coverage by Marley Shebala

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