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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dorreen Yellow Bird: North Dakota blogger's 'Backhanded Bigotry'

Dorreen Yellow Bird has a message for Rob Port, banned by the Turtle Mountain Chippewa:
"Stop blogging Rob Port, until you have some facts.
"The 15 hours Port spent on the Turtle Mountain reservation gave him a lopsided view of the Turtle Mountain Chippewa. Port gathered a whole group of people into one bundle, tied a dirty, lazy knot around them and tossed them into the national spotlight," Yellow Bird writes.
Yellow Bird says Port needs to rethink his "backhanded bigotry."
read the story:


Anonymous said...

I sent a big thank you to Doreen. I hope the young people on Turtle Mountain Reservation find and read the article. So many of them are angry and anxious since Rob Port's article was printed and because of the hatred on the blog. Thank you Brenda for tracking the Yellow Bird article down and posting it here. Andy Laverdure

Anonymous said...

Brenda, while cruising, I found another disturbing thread. Only four comments, but the thread shows that Rob Port's "solution" to the "Indian Problem" in this country (abolishing reservations, absolute genocide), is real. The thread is titled "We Need To Put An End To Indian Reservations" and dated January 27, 2006, a full year before the current thread that caused the uproar! This has been an agenda item for Rob Port and his cohorts for some time now!

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