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Mohawk Nation News: Canada's Political Con Game


Kahentinetha Horn
Mohawk Nation News
May 12, 2007.

Hey! Which comes first, corporate greed or state toadyism? In April the Mohawks of Tyendinaga reclaimed part of the “Culbertson Tract”, which was stolen in 1832. In 2003 talks began to repatriate our land and compensate us. Nothing happened.

We took over the quarry run by Thurlow Aggregates. We demanded that Ontario revoke the illegal license for the quarry. Meanwhile, the operator carried away 100,000 tons of rocks a year and dumped toxic waste into our ground. This seeped into our drinking water.

Where can we go to when a state is in cahoots with the thieves? Their only concern is blind greed and profit. Screw the environment! Screw anyone who gets in their way, like us! The corporate media coverage of our issues has made our actions look totally irrational. The public remains unaware of the assault on the environment we are trying to stop.

In desperation we blocked the CN rail line for 30 hours. It runs through our land without our consent. Dozens of trains were stopped.
CN Rail launched a $108 million civil suit against three Tyendinaga community members and the band council of the “Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte ”. They site “damages arising from a First Nations blockade of its tracks”. CN wants to ban all future blockades [and anything we do they don’t like].

Criminal charges have been laid against one of the Mohawks, Shawn Brant. This is very interesting. Despite all the crimes committed against us, ranging from genocide, theft and destruction of our environment, criminal charges have never been laid against “our” abusers. Canada waited until all the abusers and pedophiles in the residential schools were dead before looking at the crime. Now they are waiting for all the abused students to die off so they won’t have to pay compensation.

The decision to press charges came directly from Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Julian “Little Mouselini” Fantino. His fascist tactics of intimidation should send a chill down the spine of any decent citizen who believes in the rule of law, but is afraid to stand up to police brutality.
The fascist state is one “goose step” away from domination. Fantino, our Little Mousilini, wants to make sure the trains run on time. There we are sitting on the train tracks, eating sandwiches, demanding law and order and trying to stop the imminent arrival of the Ontario storm troops, newly outfitted in black shirts just liked their fascist predecessors. Déjà vu! Or what?

The plan is to confiscate Indian “reserves” through phony civil suits in the colonial courts.

The corporations, like CN, or the waste management companies and developers, start the law suits against us. They're about our land and resources. They go to court, get a judgment against us, the band council and Shawn Brant! Then bingo! No more reserves! They think! The people hold the land and we have to surrender it legitimately. A court order won’t do it!

The corporations, federal/ provincial governments, police and Indian Affairs are all part of this nest of “cabalistic” vipers behind this scam. It’s their blind greed and knee jerk made up stereotypes about us. They think we don’t have a right to live, to our laws, decency, fair treatment, property rights and environmental protection.

It’s called “compounded theft”. CN Rail is a federal crown corporation suing the band council which is a colonial arm of the federal government. The railways used our money to build them.

These law suits are meant to stop our rightful opposition to abuse. We keep complaining about the theft and environmental damage to our lands. We keep making “silly complaints” against police brutality.

State police and civil courts have been co-opted into mercenary service for corporate greed. Anyone who opposes them had better watch out. They will face the full brutality of the state. The multinational corporations in British Columbia stopped opposition to clear cutting by suing the demonstrators and putting them in jail.

We are already into the long slide, back into the despotic age of feudalism that Europeans tried to escape by coming to Turtle Island . Who are the puppet masters in this evil revival of medieval tyranny?

The Supreme Court of Canada has declared that the Canadian state has an obligation to protect us. You can bet they won’t be hiring top ranking lawyers to defend us. We have to put on bake sales and raffles for pennies to defend ourselves. Shawn Brant gets his support from the street people of Toronto .

The Crown, Canadian and provincial governments do not want to come out in the open about what they ‘re doing. They’re happy to let “hit men” like CN and Little Mouselini do their dirty work. Their “goon squad” tactics failed.

Recently Ontario politician, John Tory, stated that anyone opposing the government “should be held liable”. What about him? As leader of the opposition, shouldn’t he be sued? Is the Parliamentary system being obliterated and everything will now be done by civil suits in the colonial courts?

He comes from one of the biggest law firms, Tory and Tory, which will benefit greatly from this tactic. The corporations involved have deep pockets which are the Canadian taxpayers. They turn on a big money tap right into off shore bank accounts of lawyers who work for law firms like Tory and Tory.

It’s a political con game. All the moves have been calculated to rip us off. They know we can’t mount a defense. Canada will only hire lawyers for us if it serves their colonial agenda which is to disinherit us and our future generations.

14,000 people just applied for 100 jobs at CSIS [the spy agency] in order to snoop on us and those who are being falsely fingered as “insurgents” and “terrorists”. In the new world order, you are either going to be a spy or be spied upon. You have to join the thugs so you don’t get beat up. The only people protected by the state are those working for it.

Recently the Conservatives did a lot of polling. They’ve demonize us as “gangsters, thieves and smugglers,” to win the next election.

This is disgusting! Canadians are living in government-inspired fear using us as their scapegoats. The “powers that think so much of themselves” are pushing the public to focus their hatred on us instead of the real corporate culprits who are enslaving them. How low can they go? The real issue of land and resource theft, environmental desecration and pollution are being deliberately hidden along with, the illegal toxic waste in the quarry.

This case should be thrown out of court. The railway company, the Canadian state and province of Ontario are all trespassing. They’re breaking international accords concerning environmental protection.

If all else fails, they’ll try to send in the troops to kill us. The world is watching, Canada !
There is no legitimate way for us to be heard in Canada . This should be properly dealt with by a neutral international court that does not have a vested interest in the outcome, not by a court of the colonizing state. We are under attack from all directions. Your support, comments, assistance and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

When Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his cohorts like Stockwell Day and John Tory are brought before the international courts for the crime of genocide, will the Canadian taxpayers have to pay for their defense? [Email Prime Minister; Indian Affairs; Public Security; Governor General UN an anyone else you can think of]

Kahentinetha Horn
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