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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mohawk Nation News: The International Corporate Agenda


Mohawk Nation News
May 21, 2007

Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, or whoever really runs the Canadian dictatorship, has wiped out any pretension that Canada ever was a democratic country. He did this by obstructing democratic parliamentary debate on the use of Canadian taxes. If Canadian cops were on their toes as true defenders of law and order, he could be charged under the Criminal Code of Canada, Section 129.1. He intentionally, with malice aforethought, obstructed parliamentarians who were engaged in enforcing the laws concerning “revenues, customs, excise, trade or navigation”.

Harper outlined his methods in a 200-page manual showing his party members how to obstruct justice and democratic due process. This is a major constitutional crisis that can’t be swept under the carpet. Right now he’s hiding out in Afghanistan . He might end up in the next cave over from Bin Laden.

The public is getting so confused they don’t know what the rules are anymore. Big business and big government want to keep them in a trance. If someone sees a baby being killed, they’re afraid to help because they might be arrested for intruding on someone else’s rights.

Harper and the two major political parties see the people as the enemy, particularly us, the Indigenous people. He needs a personalized target. It looks like hysteria is being created deliberately to set us up as the threat or scapegoat. In the 911 model, the threat is more terrifying than the action. He steers the public to vent their anger and hatred on us. That’s how he was able to push through the anti-terrorism legislation. He got rid of habeas corpus and usurped peoples’ right to the sanctity of their home.

Harper obviously has no rules for himself. It looks like he thinks democratic institutions won’t work. They certainly have never treated us humanely or respected our sovereign rights to the land and resources of Turtle Island .

Harper wants severe rules and regulations over everybody, especially the media. He does not want to be judged. He doesn’t even want us to have our minds in gear. Through propaganda and brute force, people are losing their freedom to sociopaths and control-freak demagogues.

How does one know when the government is corrupt? When the public leaders lie. When the public doesn’t object. Then nobody can tell what’s true anymore. Harper has hamstrung the Parliamentary committees so there is no free open discussion. The cabinet decrees laws, sets the agenda and cancels hearings at will. Once lies have become the status quo there can be no real communication. All words become meaningless babble or catch phrases.

Canada and the U.S. have turned into oligarchies controlled by a small elite who act on behalf of multinational corporations controlled from afar. They are fronts for international investors to get the leases to run the assets and drain the resources on Turtle Island .

Starting in the 1960s the middle-class was meticulously destroyed. They were attacked as being materialistic, decadent, bourgeois, degenerate, imperialistic, war mongers, brutal and corrupt. This is true in the way they ran the Indian Affairs bureaucracies where colonial control of the lands and resources reside. This is a kind of rot and disease spreading through the colonial constitutional trees on Turtle Island controlled by the oligarchy.

Indian Affairs Minister Jim “Jonestown” Prentice announced fundamental changes to the way Indigenous land claims are to be settled. We wouldn’t be surprised if the next thing he announces is his plan to lease out the settling of land claims to private corporate structures on some kind of profit-sharing basis. We demand that the land claims be mediated by a neutral and mutually agreed upon third party. The “other” party cannot be anyone from the federal, provincial, territorial or local “Indian” entities set up by Canada . Nor can they be any of the corporations that act as the puppet masters for Canada ’s pseudo government.

Are they working on privatizing Indian Affairs? Don’t laugh! This has already been tried in Kanehsatake and on many other communities by placing its management under the control of private companies. It was a catastrophe for Indigenous people and a bonanza for the well connected accounting, management and legal firms. All the money went to the companies, the lawyers and a few cooperative band councilors. Services were stopped. The Indigenous People got less than before.

Indian Affairs could be planning to lease us out to multinational investors who want to get their paws on our land, hydro electric power, resources and diamonds that can be extracted from our land in the north. This happened before when they leased out our education to church run residential schools, whose staff got their paws and other parts on our young children, molesting and killing them with impunity.

The Crown would love to get out of its legal responsibility to us by handing us over to corporations who have no obligations. Their only agenda is profit! Not service for the people. Not living up to the treaties. They have to cut costs, services, streamline everything and put their friends in big jobs with fat salaries.

The big pie in the sky is “leasing”. It is really the “confiscation” of all lands, resources, public assets and programs by international investors. The plan is already operational. Assets have already been confiscated such as highways, cable, television, electricity, internet, water, prisons, schools, health care, private police forces, airports, parking garages, social services, welfare, pensions, housing, drug and alcohol treatment programs, adoptions, programs for the elderly, road maintenance, garbage collection, fire departments, environmental protection, job training and placement, child support enforcement, child care, child protection – get the picture? Even the management of all these assets and programs are being privatized and leased out.

So what happens when you have a complaint? You can’t go to your member of parliament. The lease holder might be in Singapore or Zurich Switzerland , 5,000 miles away! They’re probably run by numbered companies.

Does this mean that people don’t have to pay taxes anymore? The Treasury Board will give Indian Affairs $9 billion who turn it over to an offshore multinational corporation which is the leaseholder that is headquartered in Paris France . It's international colonialism!

The private sector can raise costs and authority on the assets they lease. The government doesn’t have to answer to the public. It’s all international. The head office might be in Germany or wherever. They don’t understand what you’re talking about. Your call will go to a call center in India . You’ll be put on hold and then passed around to five others whose job is to give you a nervous breakdown. Don’t think you’re going to get an answer about the plumbing leak in your rental apartment, or the 200% increase in the road tolls you have to pay just to get home.

Would this be considered high treason? It is when the government is consorting with foreign entities that destroy the economy and rob them of those things they stole from us.

The local brokers of these leases/confiscations are making out like bandits.
Rudy Giuliani of 911 fame is the exclusive lawyer for Cintra of Spain, which is headed by Prince Juan Carlos. Cintra is now the proud owner of what was once the “ Chicago Skyway”. They are working on getting the Midway Airport too. The leases are for 75 to 99 years. Once leased they are exempt from taxation. Upstate New York recently signed the same sort of lease with National Express Group of London UK which specializes in rail and bus transport.

Some U.S. municipalities are trying to get their water systems back. But they keep getting outbid by Illinois American Water which is owned by a German investor that is also functioning in 29 U.S. states.

These international corporations are gaining control of the cities. Today one can’t get into some cities without paying tolls and the infra structures are falling apart. Canadians will soon be trapped in just like Indigenous People.

Were going back to the middle ages, man! Prisons have been privatized to save money. Correction Corporation of America runs half the private prisons and expects to double their investment in 5 years. Costs must be minimized. Jails must be kept full. Less is spent on prisoner care and training of guards. To maximize profits jail time must be maximized. In some prisons the inmates work for 17 cents an hour making clothes, car parts, computer components, shoes and furniture. It’s not just license plates anymore. This is going on even though it’s a violation of international law.

The “three strikes you’re out” law in California is coming soon to Canada , your home on native land. So Congress is being heavily lobbied to increase sentences. Correction Corporation and corrections officers are some of the largest campaign contributors in California . Ten years ago there were ten private prisons and 2,000 inmates. Today there are 140 with 70,000 inmates. They are aiming to increase this slave labor by 500% in the next ten years.

If people don’t wake up soon, by the time Harper’s out of office, Canada will be dismantled and sold off to foreign corporations. Let’s see what happens on June 29th when Indigenous people demonstrate everywhere against injustice and mistreatment. We think that the “war room” in the “ Tower of Power ” at Indian affairs is working round the clock to speed up privatization. Minister “Jonestown” Prentice wants to drag us into the colonial courts for doing what we’re supposed to do, protect our possessions. Then we’ll be heavily fined for this “crime”. “Jonestown” threatened we are “liable” and funds owing to our communities will be cut.

In exchange for our freedom, the oligarchy wants Turtle Island – our land, resources and no Indigenous title. That’s the big prize! With no venues for democratic debate, we’’ll all be divided into two camps, the prisoners and the guards. That’s the game.

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News &
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