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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Reunion with Western Shoshone Corbin Harney in Nevada

(Corbin Harney at Nuclear Test Site 2006 Photo Deanna Taylor)

From Peace Camp, near the Nuclear Test Site:

May 9, 2007

Hello Everyone,

The Ceremony has already begun. We're in it now.

Thank you for your prayers and positive thoughts for the benefit of this Reunion with Corbin. He looks great. He sounds great. He's strong & positive. Please continue to send him loving energy and prayers. He says that's the only reason why he's alive, and we all know the power of prayer! Also, please include in your prayers, his caretaker Patricia, Poo Ha Bah, Shundahi Network, Johnnie Bob's Spirit Run and all the Elders & participants who are coming together this weekend to honor Corbin and protect all Life and Mother Earth.

Thank you for all the organizations, Spiritual People, activists and those who are contributing to the success of this event. Like Corbin always says, "We have to help each other and unite ourselves together. We have to work together and appreciate one another."

Please, everyone, come prepared to create a logistics and volunteer crew, as we have none.

We're so excited to see and be with all of you. Travel safely! Many Blessings.

Julia Moon Sparrow

Thursday, May 10th
Wade’s kitchen arrives with Peter S. to Peace Camp.
Crew needed to assist at Peace Camp.
[15 people needed to set up shade tent.]
Building Sweat Lodge at Peace Camp. Lodge built by Johnnie Bobb and Spirit Runners – possible helpers needed.
Friday, May 11th
Sunrise Ceremony, Peace Camp.
Dinner by Wade / Ops Council
Special feature screening at sundown of “Trespassing”, courtesy of producer, Carlos DeMendez.
Shuttles needed for Elders, etc. who are staying at Cactus Springs for Sunrise Cermonies.
Sunrise Ceremony Sacred Fire to be continued night & day for all three days.
Fire keepers needed for Friday & Saturday nights.
Saturday, May 12th
Sunrise Ceremony, Peace Camp.
Welcome the Spirit Run. Lodge for Spirit Run participants, only. Breakfast. In shade tent: M/C: Honor Corbin Speakers: Corbin Harney, Katherine Blossom, Darlene Graham, Ernestine Moore, Anne Key, Julia Moon Sparrow, Willie Fragosa, Carlos DeMendez. Honoring Corbin Non-violence training for those who are line crossing and need or want training. Ceremony and speaking honoring those who’ve crossed over to Spirit World (led by Willy, location determined by Willy.
Dinner and Raffle (to provide fundraising for Gathering expenses.) Shuttles needed for Elders, etc. who are staying at Cactus Springs for Sunrise Cermonies.
Sunday May 13th
Sunrise Ceremony. Note: All Sweat Lodge participants to arrive at Sunrise Ceremony with appropriate Sweat Lodge clothing layered underneath. Bring towels to Sunrise Ceremony. Water will be provided outside of Lodge afterward. Sweat Lodge conducted by Darlene immediately after sunrise. No changing of clothes, or waiting for late comers.
Breakfast at Peace Camp. Corbin to Bless the People before procession to the front gate.
Procession. Front Gate Activities, at the line and lunch

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