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Ethnic Cleansing at Jamestown, America's Two-Headed Dragon

Commentary by Steve Melendez
Pyramid Lake Paiute, President of the American Indian Genocide Museum

Like Two-Headed Dragons, the United States and Canada conceal their own histories of ethnic cleansing and genocide, posturing for the world

HOUSTON -- An article of 1-18-05 entitled, "When French Settlers Were the Victims of Ethnic Cleansing in North America," by John Mack Farager tells how, “…colonial officials systematically rounded up approximately seven thousand French-speaking Catholic Acadians.”
Some were deported to France, others were deported to what is now Louisiana “…and became the ancestors of today’s Cajuns. Mr. Faragher is Arthur Unobskey Professor of American History at Yale University. His article begins, “In December of 2003 the Canadian government announced that Governor- General Adrianne Clarkson, the Queen’s representative in Canada, had signed a Royal Proclamation acknowledging responsibility for 'the decision to deport the Acadian people' from the British province of Nova Scotia in 1755, and regretting the 'tragic consequences.'”
It would be nice if Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, Prince Philip would announce a Royal Proclamation acknowledging the laws of ethnic cleansing in Jamestown, Virginia when they visit to help commemorate the founding of Jamestown 400 years ago.
One law said, “It is enacted that if any Englishman be murdered, the next town of Indians shall be answerable for it with their lives or liberties.” Losing their liberties meant that the parents would be deported or killed and the children enslaved. The children, it said, would one day be free on reaching the age of 24:“…or they be Twenty four Years Old, when he, she, they, or any of them, the said Indians so bound, is to be and are hereby Declared Free,Provided always that if any of the said Indians, after they are Free, do presume to Settle or Inhabit in any Indian Town, such Indian or Indians so settling or Inhabiting shall be Lyable to Transportation and shall be Transported beyond Sea to England or Some of the Iselands and there bound or Sold for Seven Years .…”
The children were freed at the age of 24, but only providing that they not attempt to re-inhabit any former Indian village or they would be deported and sold into slavery again. These are clearly laws of ethnic cleansing. This same law which can be found in the Laws of Virginia: Being a Supplement to Henning’s The Statutes At Large: 1700-1750 Pg. 41-43, went on to draw circular boundaries around two neighboring Indian Villages. It read: “… And be it further Enacted By the Authority Affor said that the Bounds for the Nottoway Indians Lands shall be Ascertained in manner Following (to Witt) the Bounds of the Land on which they now live shall be laid out by a Circle running three Miles Round their fort, … And Be it further Enacted that the Bounds for the Meheren Indians Lands shall be laid out as followes …as much land as will be Equal in Quantity to a Circle Three Miles Round their Town.”
This, in effect, made Indians illegal in their own land.
You would think that this perverted sense of the “rule of law” would come out of a place like Jonestown and not Jamestown. How does one reconcile the fact that such un-Christian-like values came out of Jamestown? Didn’t they just this past week plant crosses on the beach at Jamestown and rededicate America back to its Christian roots?
After all, what started in Jamestown did not end in Jamestown.
It was repeated over and over again, tribe after tribe.
In order to understand American history, one must understand John Smith, who was elected the President of Jamestown in 1608.
In David A. Price’s book, Love and Hate in Jamestown, we learn that John Smith was a mercenary and that he studied Marcus Aurelius, the Roman Caesar who expanded the Roman Empire by conquest for 20 years. It says he read Pyrotechnia which taught how to make gunpowder and hollow, exploding cannon balls, complete with a fuse. It says he read The Art of War by Niccolo Machiavelli.
If John Smith studied Machiavelli, then we have to consider that maybe America was also founded a Machiavellian nation.
We do have a separation of church and state.
Professor Neal Wood explains Machiavelli’s philosophy in the introduction of the book The Art of War, “War was war, a no-holds-barred contest. Victory is the aim to which all other considerations on the battlefield must be subordinated. Behavior toward the enemy is not subject to common moral considerations. Every type of trickery and violence is legitimate when used against the enemy. The ideal military commander is one capable of constantly devising new tactics and stratagems to deceive and overpower the enemy.”
As we stand on the high hill of history, we can look back on our past and see a pattern emerge from all the deceit, destruction and death.
We see every tribe that ever came into contact with the colonists being subjected to “every type of trickery and violence."
Think of all the treaties that were made as though they were never meant to be honored.
This is Machiavellianism--just another “stratagem to deceive and overpower the enemy."
Yes, America was founded a Christian nation and yes, America was founded a Machiavellian nation.
It is a separation of church and state that begins at the neck of the dragon. America is a dragon that honors God with one head while its other head is far from God.
This is what we have been seeing not only in America’s past but also in the present. Carrie Dann and the Western Shoshone out in Nevada may never have their Treaty of Ruby Valley honored because the false prophet head has given all its power to the war mongering “all-is-fair-in-war” head.
How else can you explain that American corporations have been paying death squads in Columbia? Or how can you explain that the United States was caught waging civil war in Nicaragua during the Reagan administration?
It is as though “regime change” is nothing more than a euphemism for “civil war” and “civil war” is nothing more than a euphemism for “genocide."
During our film festival here in Houston last year, we showed the documentary, Trudell.
The film begins with John Trudell reciting one of his poems that begins, “Babylon falling down…” This quote is from the book of Revelation 18 in the bible where God finally judges the “Great Harlot”, “Mystery Babylon” who says one thing and is out doing quite another.

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Anonymous said...

It's about time someone has the guts to tell it like it is.

Anonymous said...

The above article closes with references to America being likened to "Mystery Babylon"

Does the author realize just how true this statement really is?

Indeed, America is the Babylon of prophecy, not just from Revelation 18 but also Revelation 17 as well as Isaiah 13, 14, 47 and Jeremiah 50 & 51.

God will judge and destroy America for her sins of "ethnic cleansing" not only done to American Indians but for all the innocent blood of all time, including that of Abel in Genesis.

If you doubt this - the definitive work on the subject of America being Babylon of Bible Prophecy is a 2-volume work on the subject entitled "America, The Babylon" by R.A. Coombes. Check it out on the book's webpage at

In Volume 2, the author points out that America's judgment will stem in part from the ethnic cleansing of the American Indians.

Anonymous said...

Amerika since its creation..has been nothing but a killing machine--its called MANIFEST GENOCIDE..!

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