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Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Join the Longest Walk in Pennsylvania

By Brenda Norrell

CAMBRIDGE, Ohio -- The Longest Walk Northern Route runners are crossing the West Virginia border today, with a special event planned for the walk into Pennsylvania on Route 22 at midday on Wednesday, June 11. The upcoming special events include a prayer vigil for Leonard Peltier on June 28. The northern and southern routes merge and walk into Washington D.C. on July 11. There is a cultural survival summit July 8 -- 11, with concerts planned for July 11 -- 13.

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NaBahe SheepDog Keediniihii: said...

Aho! The power of your prayers frightened those still against us, like the Ohio cops. Long live the Red Peoples! I am not sure which way these walkers went into Pennsylvania, but I remember Wheeling, WV was the only part of West Virginia that the 1978 walk went through. We ran all those tunnels and nearly getting carbon monoxide poisoning, and that one tunnel that came out onto a huge bridge that crossed into Pittsburg. Thank you, Relatives! May Tunkacula watch over all of you. -Bahe from Big Mtn.