Saturday, June 14, 2008

Walking through Pittsburgh in the rain, Longest Walk Northern Route

Good morning from Raccoon Creek State Park,

The walkers are out in the rain this morning, walking and running through the Pittsburgh area. Thanks to all of you who brought fresh fruit and bottled water for the walkers. We had great interviews on the Longest Walk Talk Radio yesterday, including Jennie Luna with the Peace and Dignity Journey, which is headed our way from New York. Those runners will meet up with the Longest Walkers on June 18 in the Pittsburgh area. We're all off to Farmington, Penn., for the powwow on June 20 -- 22. We also spoke with Mike Wilson, Tohono O'odham, who puts out water for migrants. Mike says, "No one should die for want of a drink of water."
Meanwhile, for those who want to support the walkers, there's a need for fresh food, milk, eggs and meat, and tents. We'll be at Raccoon Creek State Park for five more nights.
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On the northern route of the Longest Walk, Brenda Norrell

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