Monday, June 30, 2008

Longest Walk Northern Route at Pennsylvania Capitol

Watch You Tube Video from today:
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By Brenda Norrell
HARRISBURG, PA -- The Longest Walk Northern Route held a rally on the steps of the Pennsylvania capitol today in Harrisburg. Walkers sang traditional songs and spoke on the purpose of the walk, with special songs and prayers offered by Jerry McDonald, Mohawk, and Art Greene, Tuscarora, and the Longest Walk Northern Route singers. Gov. Edward Rendell's Special Assistant Lance Simmens read the governor's proclamation. (Please double click to enlarge.) Photos by Brenda Norrell
Northern Route on Pennsylvania TV, Sage at Cowan's Gap:
Watch brief video

Video by Brenda Norrell

Listen to Earthcycles Longest Walk Talk Radio on the steps of the Pennsylvania Capitol in Harrisburg on Monday:
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