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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Longest Walk running into Pennsylvania

Adriano Buckskin, Southern Ute, runs through the northwestern tip of West Virginia, as the runners approached the Pennyslvania border on Wednesday, June 11, 2008. Photo copyright Marie Littlemoon. More photos:

Notes from the road
Good morning from Raccoon Creek State Park
Hookstown, PA
The Longest Walk Northern Route walkers are in the beautiful woods of southwestern Pennsylvania, 30 miles southwest of Pittsburgh. Earthcycles' producer Govinda Dalton and I are broadcasting live from the camp: at 1 pm Central/10 am Pacific. Please listen to the audios, 400 interviews and drum songs since we left Alcatraz.
Mmmm ... fried Spam for breakfast, a sure sign that the food donations are low. Thanks to all of you who donated gas money to move the support vehicles here. Also there are several people in need of tents, since the tornado winds tore up many of the walkers' tents. But at least there was no rain last night, after a month of solid rain in Missouri, Illinois and Indiana. Today is a rest day, with workshops on creating a Longest Walk manifesto.

Long Walkers: Listen to Denise, Menominee, and Lisa, Pomo/Otchipwe from Minnesota
WORT Madison, Wisconsin
In Our Backyard - Wednesday, Wed, Jun 11, 2008
Wednesday, June 11, 2008, 6:30:01 PM
In Our Backyard - Wednesday

June 11, 2008
Good afternoon from Raccoon Creek State Park,
It was beautiful to see a representative of the Pennsylvania governor meet the Longest Walk Northern Route at the state border as the runners arrived. We will be here at Raccoon Creek State Park for 8 nights, through June 20. For those who want to help support the walkers, there is a need for four-man tents, sheets and thick foam sleeping pads for elders. Pop-up four-man tents would be idea! The tornados and thunderstorms destroyed our tents. There's always a need for hot dinners for 50 people, bottled water, breakfast eggs and milk and lunch sandwich makings. As always, there's a need for gas cards to take the walkers out. Please join us for the march into Washington D.C. on July 11, carrying the message of the inherent sovereignty of Indian people and the sacredness of Mother Earth.
Brenda Norrell, on the northern route, in the woods of Pennsylvania

Longest Walk Northern Route Emergency Gas Information: Western Union or WalMart moneygram
Contact: Longest Walk Northern Route accountant Sharon Heta
(Sharon Heta/Michael Lane phone: 650-417-4389 cell)
Note: Western Union can be sent online with Mastercard, Visa or debit card:

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