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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Update: Mohawks Kahentinetha and Katenies beaten by gang of border officers

Updated: Telephone interview with Katenies

By Brenda Norrell
Human Rights Editor
U.N. OBSERVER & International Report at the Hague
Photo: Kahentinetha Horn displays her Haudenosaunee passport at the Indigenous Border Summit of the Americas II in November in Arizona. Photo Brenda Norrell

AKWESASNE -- Mohawk grandmothers Kahentinetha Horn and Katenies were in custody at the US/Canadian border on Saturday, June 14, 2008, when the two women were handcuffed and beaten by gangs of officers and border patrol agents. Eight officers beat Kahentinetha, 68, and five officers beat Katenies. Kahentinetha, publisher of Mohawk Nation News, suffered a heart attack and is in a Canadian hospital. Katenies was released from jail Monday evening and is in seclusion. Katenies, in a telephone interview on Tuesday afternoon, described the police attack on the women at the border. Katenies said the women were returning to Canada from a visit in the US, when they were stopped at the border. After the women showed their Haudenosaunee identification, they were told the IDs were not sufficient and they were detained.
Katenies was told she had an earlier warrant. She had refused to recognize the authority of the Canadian government over her. In the earlier case she had stopped at a border check and was granted permission to pass, but border agents later claimed she was not cleared to pass. When she refused to recognize the authority of the Canadian government over her, a warrant resulted.
On Saturday, when Katenies refused to get out of the car, five huge Canadian officers and border agents jumped on her, dragged her out and threw her to the concrete, grinding her chin into the concrete.
"I went down so fast, they had knees in my back and kidneys. They were like a football team on me and they acted like they had no boundaries."
"They told me if I didn't cooperate, they would break my arms."
As officers attacked Katenies, Kahentinetha was on her cell phone calling family members and authorities for help. When Kahentinetha refused to hang up, eight officers attacked her.
Katenies was placed in a cell and could hear the officers bring in Kahentinetha. Katenies could hear Kahentinetha yelling for them to loosen the handcuffs. By the screams of pain, Katenies said it sounded like the police were continuing to tighten the handcuffs as Kahentinetha cried out.
Kahentinetha was handcuffed in a stress hold. The handcuffs cut off Kahentinetha's circulation and she suffered a heart attack.
A family member arrived at the same time and was able to get an ambulance immediately for Kahentinetha and she was transported to a hospital.
Katenies was transported to jail in Cornwall, where she remained from Saturday until Monday evening. Katenies said the two women were not charged, but were told they would be charged later.
Kahentinetha remains in the hospital, with family present, and her condition is not known.
A member of the Mohawk Warrior Society said, "They did this because we have the greatest weapon, the truth, and what Kahentinetha writes is the truth. They are terrified of the truth. What they are trying to do is provoke the Mohawks." He said ultimately what they want is to provoke the Mohawks into a confrontation so the Mohawks who are resisting will be shot and killed. He said the plan was to assassinate Kahentinetha.
Kahentinetha's most recent article:
Canada confesses to murder and rape of Indian people
CANADA CONFESSES TO PART OF ITS CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY –THERE HAS FINALLY BEEN AN OFFICIAL APOLOGY FOR ‘MURDER”, RAPE … By Kahentinetha Horn Mohawk Nation News, June 11, 2008….SODOMY, PEDOPHILIA, GERM WARFARE, STERILIZATION, MEDICAL EXPERIMENTS AND WHO KNOWS MAYBE EVEN NECROPHILIA OF INDIGENOUS CHILDREN IN ORDER TO “STEAL” OUR LAND AND RESOURCES. This is a start. Now we have to deal with the bigger issues, sovereignty and resources. Our people were kidnapped and held hostage for three to four generations. Genocide is taking children away and killing them. It was only a small part of a bigger story of “gangsterism” and greed. Don’t be fooled! That evil program is still in full swing. Canada has no intention to stop.

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Anonymous said...

Bad and very sad news this is, and thank you for this update. I had just read the shorter version of this at , and, you know what? I recommend that you update that copy, or provide a link to this more complete copy there.

I posted a comment there and will copy part of it for posting here.

This is serious proof that Canadian PM Harper's "apology" on June 11th was as many critics say and which is representative of yet more hypocrisy; unfortunately.

They are not letting up on Ms Horn and Katenies, or simply MNN, and its providers, at all; having recently read that the imperialist, colonialist, corporatist state that Canadian "elites" have made of it tried to shut down MNN some months back, while also claiming that Ms Horn had chosen to cease providing MNN, which she excellently refuted, saying it's absolutely not true. Of course those who did this definitely knew that they were [lying]. After all, they knew they were making the claim and that it was not based on any news from Ms Horn, who, I believe, is the lead provider of MNN. The claim could not be truthful unless it was Ms Horn announcing the abandonment, and she did not.

The article her on that topic is the following.

"Who 'Crashed' MNN Website? Was It Hurt Feeeelings Over 'Nicknames'",
by Kahentinetha Horn, Feb 2 2008,

More recently, the police state evicted a Squamish community from their own land.

"RCMP evict hereditary chief from B.C. 'band' office
Breaking News on attacks on our people for asserting our rights and jurisdiction:


Squamish Nation territory ("Vancouver, Canada")",, May 25 2008, originally May 24

Excerpt: "Chief Kiapilano is leading a movement to expel agencies from his land who are responsible for the genocide of his people. Last March, Kiapilano and Eagle Strong Voice (Kevin Annett) initiated these actions by posting eviction notices on the Roman Catholic, Anglican and United churches in downtown Vancouver, ordering them off Squamish land."

The excerpt's important, as also is the whole article, however I only included the quote for referring to Rev. Kevin Annett, who provides two documentary websites; while I'll only include a link to one, where there's a link to the other website. I don't know how many different subjects he covers on the various and ongoing issues for Canadian First Nations or Aboriginal Peoples, however he extensively covers the horrors committed in the notorious 'Residential Schools system'.

The website is, "Hidden From History: The Canadian Holocaust. The Untold Story of the Genocide of Aboriginal Peoples", , and visitors will find plenty of audio, video, and articles for documentary information there.

No wonder we're so dumbed down; we have deafening silence, as well as lies, instead of [real] and therefore truthful education. And I agree with the Mohawk Warrior Society member saying that Kahentinetha Horn and Katenies are very truthful. It's very evident in what they say, and people would rarely be found saying such things, as we find at MNN, if or when what's said is not true. If anyone ever does, then this must surely be a very rare "specimen" of "human".

Meanwhile, MOST people know that the governments, imperialists, colonialists, corporatists, and so on, regularly lie and deliberately distort truths or information, which is just another form of lying known as speaking half-truths. And we're perhaps or probably lucky if we obtain even half of any important truths from them, such "people".

I sure hope Ms Horn will recover from her heart attack and that both her and Katenies will not have their rights and dignities ever trespassed upon or against again. And the same is hoped for all indigenous peoples of planet Earth, as well all people of good will. 'Blessed be the peace makers', 'Blessed be people of good will', ... - Jesus of Nazareth; and Peace requires Justice, so 'Blessed be the justice makers', also, svp.

(I do not particularly care about people of ill or worse will when they also and somehow derive perverted pleasures from their ways; please excuse my frank or honest view. It's not my fault that they cause me to have such a view; for they can and must cease being people of ill or Wrong will.)

Again, thank you for this news update, Ms Norrell.

Mike Corbeil
Hatley Township, Quebec, Canada