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Monday, February 23, 2009

Listen, Jose Matus, Yaqui: On the Border

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By Brenda Norrell

Yaqui ceremonial leader Jose Matus, director of the Indigenous Alliance without Borders, talks about the Indigenous rights of mobility and Yaqui villages in Sonora, Mexico. Matus said Indigenous on the border are concerned that conditions under President Obama remain "status quo" with the Bush regime.
As requested by Yaqui elders to maintain ceremonies, for 30 years Matus has brought Yaqui ceremonial leaders across the border for temporary visits to conduct annual ceremonies. Homeland Security continues to harass Indigenous Peoples at the border.
The Indigenous Alliance without Borders supports Indigenous Peoples struggling to maintain their traditional ceremonies and mobility in ancestral territories, including the Lipan Apache, facing the seizure of their land by Homeland Security for the US/Mexico border wall.
Matus also talks about humanitarian efforts in Yaqui villages in Sonora, Mexico, including the children's need for school supplies, tablets and shoes:
Listen at:
Contact Jose Matus at:
More info:
Indigenous Alliance supports Lipan Apache at Texas border
KXCI community radio (Tucson AZ) aired the Alianza’s August 9 2007 press conference for International Indigenous Day. Information and mp3 excerpts are available on KXCI’s site - click here
Guest Opinion: Border group opposes I-19 checkpoint by Alianza’s Director, Jose Matus - Tucson Citizen June 20 2007
Alianza Indígena Sin Fronteras Gathering on Saturday April 28th 2007 - Alianza statement and photos of the gathering posted on Brenda Norrell’s site.
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